Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Spot of Grayling fishing on the Dove is just too good...

Spoke to Woody in the day and he mentioned that the rivers were running slightly up with some colour pushing through, i decided that i would give Dovedale a go as i knew what would be going mental!!!
Before i arrived i decided that i shall go for the Grayling and bug with pink hoping to pick out any Ladies as not trout, i only enjoy fishing for trout on the dry and have found that trout tend to stay away from pink so this was my challange for the evening...
On arriving i saw top lad Adam Booth and he had been out on the dry all day and had bags of fish, i soon thought about going on the dry but it was gettin on and there were not many rises going off...
I went with a two bug set up and fish with a heavy point to clunk the bottom, i fished all my known holes from the winter and even explored a new sections of the river...
1lb 14oz of Dove beauty
My first half hour produced nothing and it took me a while to get in the flow of my bugging style, its been a while since i fished with the bugs and it soon started to come back to me...JT taught me this method and i feel it is the best method to fish if you want to catch took me months of hard work before i got 'the feel'....something that anglers who use this method will know what i all looks very easy but this is far from the truth, when learning i would stand along JT and fish the same method as him and he would be banging them out and i would have the odd fish! i now have this method sorted and it can be devastating Grayling...
Well the first half hour was poor due to myself being slightly rusty and then it all went 2 hours i caught 7 Gralyling all over a pound and two clunkers that both went 1lb15oz on my scales..two absolute cracking fish taken on a JT flashback tyed by myself...
The fish were 'at it' too, fighting harder than i knew Grayling could, one giving me a tail walk which was heartstopping as it was one of the 1lb 15oz ers!!
I did think that i should be still fishing the dry for the trout but i just could not weight to get on the Grayling and boy did i enjoy it...

Nice one


  1. Glad to see your back after the Ladys mate. Quality, see you out soon.

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  3. Glad to see you have remembered some of the stuff I showed you! Good angling mate!

  4. Boring. !!!! Too much about fishing today. !!!! Where's the usual swearing and of course, your beautiful babes ? Mum. xxx