Monday, 20 September 2010

JT's Magnificant 7 hit Polands famous river San (Day 1)

Arrived on the holy San today with JT, Clive, Roger B, Steve, and Geordie cunts Richy and Johnny.....
After a early hour flight we arrived in Poland at 10 am and were picked up by Polish Richard and driven to our digs...
The house we are stopping in is owned by Wojtek, a house made to fit a group of anglers, we have a chef,  our fly tying room, infact its the bollox!!
Standing at the rear of our fishing home is the river San and seeing it was something else, a huge wide river with rifles all over and just looks like fishing heaven...
We could not wait and after some Polish mushroom soup we all got onto the river...
I walked down with Johnny M  and we spotted rises going off all over a steady flowing pool, my heart was in my mouth as I saw huge browns head and tailing taking olives which were coming off in thousands!!! these olives were hatching in blizzards!!, something I have never seen....
A cracking wild San Brownie - pure class!
Johhny M shouted me over as he hooked into a clunking brown on his first few casts...I had not even put my leader on and was already taking pictures of a brown pushing the 3lb mark, wild and pure beauty...
I soon got myself set up and put on a JT olive, i covered a few fish  that were rising in a pool before i could reach my huge brown....slowley the fish came upto the olive and sipped it down as cool as they come and i tightened into my first San brown, not a big fish but a cracking wild brown...i was in the zone and looked across this huge river in awe as to what the week might bring me....
My first San fish - small, but wild and beautiful
I quitey waded over to the huge brown, every 10 seconds it would head and tail, a fish of around 4lb!! i usually count this rise as a spinner take but the duns were struggling to get off and were drifting around 20 yards and this fish was taking advantage and sipping away with no energy spent... i worked out the flow and knew that it was a one fish cast....i placed my fly bang in the zone, the fish calmly follwed the olive and calmly sipped it down... heart in the mouth stufff and i struck low and hard and the fly came straight out of its mouth back behind me!! the big gun just drifted to the depths as to say 'unlucky'... i had just pulled out of the fish of a life (nearly)
I was thinking this river was going to be easy but this was far from the truth, we had arrived in the middle of a huge hatch and the fish were 'on it'

7 of us were all dotted around this huge river and pulling the odd fish but the fish just switched off, hatches were insane, but these fish are spoilt and they can feed whenever they feel they need to...and getting your presenatation right is pure critical..
The hatch goes off and waiting for the spinners the start falling
We all had a few hours fishing but we were all fucked and the air went cold and it was time to get back to our fishing lodge.. the fish had just smacked us in the face and turned off.....i had thought this river was going to be easy but i soon realised that this would not be the case......

We all went back to the lodge and were made tea by Wojtek's wife, a superb cook.........

Everyone gathered - before getting rat arsed

Me and JT planning our trip for the next day on the San River

Pissed as a cunt - ready for some ATM

Professor Pointon reads up on the San River (glasses borrowed from the Geordie cunt)

Well it was all set up for a mellow night but JT got the beers out and it was a night of pure crack!! with some of the funniest stories i have every heard...
All the lads we have with us are quality lads and it sure going to be one of them weeks u never forget....
I am sitting writing this at 12.30 am and we have had a day to remember today but will post about that tomoz...
Nice one


  1. Professor Pointon, an interesting piece of prose in fact I cannot recall a similar passage with such liberal use of the C word. I notice you and JT chums are having to drink that lager piss what a shame there is no real ale. Hope yopu have a good one.
    Yours in academia,
    Vice Chancellor Cross.

  2. what about day 2 yica

  3. Have you fished the extended No Kill section. I first stayed and fished 2 years ago. I would be very interested in the methods fished and fly s. I will be going back to the San this time next year. Will read your blog each day.

  4. Glen. Boy are you in your element ! Mum.x.x.x.

  5. Dear Professor Pointon,

    You don't look quite right reading a book.

    Stoke 2 Fulham 0

    U c*nt