Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tying the soft touch shrimp video

Here is a video I have put together for my new sts pattern...I have had so many questions about this fly i have done this to help people out...

Get tying!!!!





Wednesday, 14 November 2012


[URL=""]Fishing Fun With Very Little – in the way of numbers – Fish! | flyfishguide – blog[/URL][/QUOTE]

A days out fishing with two anglers who really are at the top of there game?..

A blog to follow but Click on the link above for steve cullens blog



Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It's that's grayling time of year!!!

One of the most magical times of the year for any type of fisherman, the grayling on the dove have been so kind to me recently and are in fighting fit condition feeding there heads off...

My soft touch shrimp has been a wonderful addition to my grayling flys, it might sound like I am shooting off my mouth to say its a top fly but I have never been so exited with the results, i am not the secret angler who hides anything... Please have ago as I am sure you will be surprised ....

Anyway while I get ready for fishing here are some grayling porn pics...