Friday, 3 September 2010

Poppy Pointon n Annie Rose on the fly and LTD

Annie on the net waiting for action
Well i have had my little chickens over the last few days and since they were born i have dreamed of them fishing with me at some point.....
I have taken them the Wye once and once the stones were being thrown in i had to call it a day after 2 mins!!
Well Popps is 5 and Annie nearly 3, yes too young to take them fishing yet but everytime i ask them to go there little face light up and i just cant help myself to give it a go...they have never seen me catch a fish and this is a goal for me but on two occasions i have failed as they get bored after 5 mins..Wednesday i took them down to see Woody fish the Dove near Rocester, well this was a chance to get them to see a real fish for the first time, we arrived to the shouts across the river of WWWooooddddyyyy!!, my girls love Woody and always laugh when i mention him so they were keen to get there...
The river was shocking for rising fish, infact i think the Dove has been very poor this year but thats another story...
Poppy n Annie living the dream
It looked like we were on for a blank when Woody got the bugs out as this was going to be the only way to get a fish...watching Woody fish was a pleasure, he has come on to be a very good angler and fishes very well, far from when i met him a few years ago on the bridge at Elly, he catches fish whenever he goes and his whole fly selection and presentation is as good as any these days...Woody is also a very good friend and has done things for me that only a proper mate would do, through my ban on Leek and district he stuck by me through this tuff time and stuck his neck on the block without batting a eye lid..a 'proper sound youth' where i come from...
Well before long woodys line stopped and he tightened up into a beautiful Grayling and brought it over to my girls...there faces lit up with anticipation, they touched the fish and were loving it, i told them that this fish was the lady of the stream and they looked at it like magic as i do everytime i land one! 
A real special moment for me and one i wont forget and i dont think they will...
We left Woody after a few more fish shouting WWWooodddyyy all the way home...

Tonight i got the chance to take them down to the stepping stones at dovedale, my plan to get daddy to catch a fish for them so i could be there hero for the night!
I knew i would struggle and opted to play around the stones pool until i saw a fish rise, this never happened and it was time to give Poppy her first proper casting lesson, shes a left hander and boy did she pick it up, pausing and the back cast and putting a line out!!! wicked!!
The river is in the saddest state i have seen, it so low it looks nothing like the river i knew last year, time will tell but i feel if the rain comes the Dove will fish its head off for trout in late September...
I tried to fish but had no chance, there were no rises and i just was happy to watch Poopy casting a fly while Annie Rose thrashed the water with my net!!
At the end of the session i still could not catch one for my girls but this day will come soon i hope..
On the way home Poppy asked why i had not caught? i said its very hard to catch a fish and she said 'but Woody caught them last night'!! what more could i say...

Was i living the dream? oh yes, we all were!!!

Nice one
Pure Magic


  1. Nice 1 youth......


  2. Good angling Wooooooooooddddyyyyyy!
    Good blanking Pointon!
    Lovely to see the girls so interested at such a young age. No surprise at the short attention span'll just have to catch quicker to be a real hero!!!

  3. Top post!
    Hope you've got their names on the Peacock waiting list.

  4. What more can I wish for but to see Poppy and Annie Rose so happy with their daddy. Made me laugh. Sod the fish like these are priceless. Yer mother.

  5. So pleased you get your girls out with you. It requires total patience to take little ones out fishing. You may have to slum it on lakes for a bit til they get their eye in for casting. Let me know if you ever want someone to take them out with. Us girlies should show the boys how it is done.

  6. Nice one Glen!
    Nothing like LTD with the kids...