Friday 21 June 2013

Early season action blown me away

Its been a while since i did a post as i have been busy with my podcasts but after a slow start to the season the rivers finally kicked in and gave me some of the best fly action i can remember in years of fishing the Dove.
We have been blessed this year with huge flush hatches of the olive upright fly which i have not seen ever happen in such numbers on the dove, these size 12 bright yellow/green flys are a absolute joy to imatate with being so large and the fish really did lock onto them.
Catching my biggest brown trout to a dry fly was a memorable occasion and it was taken from a trib of the river Dove on a unfished water that thankfully has not got a cliche name as a top fly water, these places are a joy to fish and i have been doing lots of research in finding these virgin streams..
There is one spot i walked and saw brown trout at every pool up in the water rising, and each one looked around the 2.5 lb mark including 4lb plus wacker!! disscusions with the farmer are still ongoing as he wont let anyone fish it but fingers crossed i will finally get him to let me fish it.
This is just a general post as i will be getting back into my story telling very soon!!
The podcast is going great and i have got some great interviews that are lined up and my plan is to get 2 a month out..
I must put a plug into Matt Eastham from North Country Anglers blog, he recently wrote a article about fishing low water for dry fly, i can honestly say its the best piece of written advice i have seen ever including all the top magazines, so fair play to Matt and i hope he gets the recontion he well deserves...
Matt did me a podcast answer to a question and it was superb if you can get past his accent!!
I caught a fish of a lifetime last week, a Barbel on the fly, i was doing a feature for Steve Cullen Total Fly Fisher on this subject and i am still buzzing my head off, i dont want to say too much as its going to be featured in the magazine very soon..
So hope everyone is enjoying there fishing and hope to do a full post soon...

Steve Cullen in the hatch!!

Waiting for the may fly spinner fall

Cullen with a Dove cracker


special fish

into a Barbel!!

A memory i will never forget

Barbel on the Fly!!! A feature for Total Fly Fisher Magazine