Friday, 29 August 2008

River dove (Ellastone)

Went down to elastone tonight, I really enjoy this strech of water and have got to know where the trout hang out!
The river was in great condition with just a little bit of colour, there was a big hatch on of small black flys which the fish were preocupied on,
The fish were not having a go at any of my flys until i put on a size 20 klinkhammer type fly which did the trick, i caught 8 grayling and 6 trout all which were small but produced very good sport.
I have seen a very good sized brownie in a certain spot that will never take my fly on lots of previous occasions, tonight i hooked it and it fought harder than anything i have ever hooked only for the hook to pull after 5 min!! Gutted, i never even got to see the fish as it was driving deep.
I will be back again to have another go at him.
I have just started to tye my own flys so this was a great feeing to catch all these fish on my own tyed fly!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pure wild brown trout stream

Went to a brook/stream around the winking man area tonight,
I asked a local farmer i knew if he would let me fish a section i had seen,
This stream is pure wild with lots of trouty features, there is a pool every 10 metres that looks to hold wild brown trout,
I fished with a adams for most ofthe night and caught around 12 brown trout all were very small as the photo shows but were wild as they come,
I must admit i enjoyed catching these small fish as much as the bigger fish i have caught recently, there is something special about catching wild trout that have never seen a hook.
If anyone fancys a trip to here let me know as the sport is great with exellent senery, there also might be the odd wild clunker around.
Thanks Glen

Friday, 1 August 2008

River Dove Ellastone (again!)

Went for another go on the ellastone strech again, this river is only fifteen mins away from home and is the best river i have fished so far, its has everything in the short strech it runs also being a lovely spot to be in, being used to living in stoke! these places are a joy to be in.
The fishing was hard tonight, the river was slightly up and coloured due to the previous nights rain, rises were still in the abundance but i had trouble getting any takes and went through my fly box.
I noticed that most trout were coming clean out the water taking flys, but dont know what these fish were taking, due to my inexperience.
Around half eight i let a adams run down stream of me in the top section, a very small take and lifted the rod into a fish which seemed to be very small, then the fish started to thrash in the same spot for a good 10 seconds, i thought this was another fish until the drag on my reel ripped off, the fish made a long downstream dart. The fish made at least 6 heavy darts for snags, i ended up with a lump of weed on my line which nearly lost me the fish,
In the end i landed a rainbow of the upper 2lb mark and this goes down as my best fighting fish of season so far.
I also caught a nice brown of half a pound from near the bridge at dusk to end another great night but while taking a picture it jumped out my hand into he river!

Thanks Glen