Sunday 29 November 2009

Wye with my Guest John Tyzack

I had got a group session with the local lads from LADFFA and DRAC to fish with JT guiding us up at Dovedale but conditions were that bad we had to call it off which gutted us all but there will be another chance very soon.
I spoke to JT and we decided to have a fish in my Wye stretch with John as my guest, no guiding, just fishing for lesiure and the crack..
We meet at the pumping station around half nine and John was his usual 'mad for it' self and keen to get on the fish, he let 'scuff' his little terrier have a run about then we tackled up and made our way upstream.
The river was up and slightly coloured but was fishable, John went with his three fly czech nymph and i went for a Klink and dink style.
While i was setting up John took two 8 oz Grayling within 5 minuites! I started to fish my style and could only watch as John started to take fish after fish, it wasnt long before i changed my style to go like JT as i was blanking my head off..
I was soon starting to take Grayling to the middle dropper czech nymphing which gave me a sigh of releif as JT was into double figures before i had one!
I soon got into the swing of things and started to take some nice pounders who were again fighting there heads off.
We walked into the town area and we had a hour or so fish stalking which is something i love, Jt catching a 2lber with a single shrimp..(Tosser)!!
After a nice can of stella back at the car we made are way back upto the town as i had asked John to get some invertabrate shots with my new cam ect.
We were siting chatting and jT shouted 'look at that dun drifting down pal' he was up like a flash and chasing down the river with his little net, some bi standers must have thought we were into a fish until John came back with a huge smile and his invertabrate net holding a Large Dark Olive!!! The walkers looked at each other with amazment!
We then collected some samples of shrimps to match with our flys.


Best fish of the Day, fin perfect

Spot the natural! A very good match and you can see why JTs fly takes fish

A Large Dark Olive, my favorite invertabrate, the only one we saw all day!

JT Living The Dream

Do they get better looking than this?

More to follow.......

Saturday 28 November 2009

The Shrimp

I never thought i would see the day where i was tying bugs and shrimps as i only fish the dry as a rule but as i am starting to enjoy fishing for Grayling so i decided to get set on doing a few.
These are the flys i caught well on the Wye yesterday so here is a picture of some i have knocked up tonight....
The Wye and the Dove hold massive ammounts of these shrimps and are a major part of the Grayling and Trouts diet.
These are tied on a size 14 hook which looks quite big to match the hatch size but has produced for me so i will keep using them until i need other patterns.
I am missing a few tying pictures but will get them on with a list of all the materials required..

Nice one


Friday 27 November 2009

Wye Derbyshire Grayling Fishing (PFFA)

Been missing fishing so much lately as work is getting busy at the minute and the rivers being in a shit state.
I rang Jan (Haddon Estate river keeper) to see what the conditions were like, he said the river was high but clearing so i thought i would get off work for a few hours and wet a line, when i arrived the river was high but nice and clear but i was still optimistic fishing a high river.
I usually hate this sort of fishing but i soon got my head around where the fish would be, out of the strong flow and in the edges and behind large boulders, something that i have learnt from Barbel fishing the Dove in the same conditions, infact i have had my best fishing days when the river looks slightly unfishable.
I tackled up with a 3 fly set up, like czech nyphing but a polyyarn indicator a foot off my fly line, this is a method i thought of using on the Wye as the no wading rule can limit you when czech nymphing as to be on top of the fish.
If fishing close i could still lead the flys down with the indicator acting as the end of my fly line but i could still cast further out to get a Klink and dink method if needed.
The flys used were a large weighted Pink Shrimp on the point and a small dull shrimp on the dropper going upto a poly indicator.
On the first cast of the day is the poly yarn snatched away sideways and i hooked into a feisty fish and i had that sinking feeling that i had hooked a out of season rainbow, to my amazment the fish rolled and i saw it was a large Grayling, seconds later it come off!
I wandered about and had a quiet half hour then started to take Grayling which were suprisingly fighting there heads off all on the large pink shrimp, i usually think Grayling are plodders but these Wye fish are game...
All my fish were weighed in my new Mclean's weight net which was great as i would just lift them up, weigh them and straight back in the water having caused no stress to the Grayling as these can become a nightmare to revive..
I have posted a small video with my new waterproof camera (FugiFilm WP) of returning a Nice Grayling, you can see the fish just instantly kick off due to being out the water for seconds.
The Wye Grayling are a different colour to the Dove fish i am used to, they seem to be a deeper gray colour and fight much harder.
My new camera is doing a great job at the min on close up images but seems to lack on a general shot with them being quite grainy which i am not happy with but will have a play and see if i can get it right, the video is very good and if you click the high res sign on the you tube player its very good quality.
I ended up catching 4 Grayling all over a pound with the highest being 1 lb 10 oz

A great couple of hours fishing which was not expected which made it even better with catching some great fish..
Nice one


Tuesday 24 November 2009

Derbyshire Fly Swap (sneak preview)

More about this subject to follow, but some very nice tyers indeed have joined in the twelve fly swappers!!
I have started to tie my eleven Oliver Edwards CDC dun so here is a sneak preview of the ones i have tied for now, will do a step by step very soon, the actual OE pattern given to me is in the foreground....

Sunday 22 November 2009

'Living the Dream Works' New Fly Fishing techniques

Dave Wood and Myself have started to do video footage of our fly fishing techniques to improve all anglers methods on catching more fish..

Please click on the link below to watch our first video, 'Still water techniques'



Saturday 21 November 2009

The Dream Liver makes the BFFI Sky Sports video!!

Here is the link to the recent fly fair at Trentham in stoke on trent that was show on Sky Sports..
I even got on the video watching the famous Olive Edwards tying a Olive Pattern that i even managed to get off him!!!
I must admit i do look a right nob in my new winter hat!
Click on the link to watch the 10 minuite video, the living the dream appears on 1.26,26691,13019_5707799,00.html

Nice one

Friday 20 November 2009

My Seasons top flys

Conrad asked me the other week what my favorite flys were over the season so i am asking if anyone can give us a list of your favorites through the seasons this year..
Thing are quite so hope can get some fly talk while sitting at home waiting for the new season....

The fly i used was a emerging snow shoe foot Large Dark Olive that i had from the top fly man Matt( north country angler), this fly nailed the Derwent and Elly and will be looking forward to using it again.. I even was catching on it in a huge Mayfly hatch at Dovedale
Click to see tying by Matt LDO Snowshoe Hare Emerger

Got to be the JT olive (John Tyzack), in the smaller size 19# which matched every olive that came off on my rivers, this fly needs to be fished right with no drag at all to get the full use of it as with most olives and then its bag up time!!
I will also put the JT olive emerger which blasted the fish on elly when they were ignoring the duns...
To obtain these flys click on this ...

Got to be my LTD sedge pattern, on a late sedge hatch it was electric, i was so confident in them that they were even pulling fish that were not rising. I even caught my lunking Wye fish on this fly and this made it even more special for me. Tyed in smaller size 17 tiemco 103bl or even 19 were the key for me in this LTD...
To Tie click here Sedge pattern (LTD sedge)

Well there goes, get your favorite flys on here
Johhny Colemans told me i was on the BFFI footage on Sky Sports tonight chatting Olive Edwards up and pinching his flys!!!

Nice one

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Oliver Edwards Olive Pattern

I went to the BFFI fair with Brian a few week ago and while walking past Oliver Edawards stand i saw a fly he had on display and it caught my eye straight away.

On the Wye and the Dove there are good Blue Wing Olive hatches especially on the Wye, in fact the fish on the wye become totally switched onto a certain olive and the fish will not even look at any other form of olive!
This pattern is quite hard to get right but i have now got it down to a tee, Oliver actually gave me the fly he showed me how to tie but he took some real persuading, i did say 'it will only get stuck in a tree' to his amazement!!
I was fishing with Woody this weekend and we had a problem getting the Grayling to take the our flys until i pulled out the new pattern, it was obvious Large Dark olives were hatching in a steady amount and the fish were 'on em'.
I passed the fly to Woody and stood watching him and on his first cast i said 'i would love to see that get taken' and sure enough Woodys fly was taken, then on his second cast the fly was taken again!!!
Well i will be looking forward to using this pattern next year and for the Grayling this year...i think it will be a killer dun pattern....
I will do a step by step of how to tie one soon on my blog so keep a look out...
Nice one


Wednesday 11 November 2009

May Fly Dvd by John Tyzack

I bought the much awaited DVD from JT at the bffi fly fair, i got home later on at night and opted for Match of the Day or JT Mayfly dvd and JT's won hands down...
Well i am not a big fan of fishing dvd's but this one is very different indeed..
Soon as i got it on i could instantly tell that the quality of the work that has gone into it, they have used real pros to do the filming and it really shows, all other fishing dvd suffer from bad camera work due to obviously a low budget which is understandable but they must have really gone for it to fill a much needed gap in the market..The picture quality is the same as top film dvd..
The fishing is done on the famous river Wye in Derbyshire, with JT guiding Ashes to Ashes actor Dean Andrews, who is a typical fly man like myself who loves fishing and takes tips from JT all day and is very enthusiastic.
The fishing is done right through the morning until last light on a true Mayfly day with action you can only dream of, JT shows you all the methods to catch the bigger fish at this time..
I shall not go into too much detail but the 2 and a half hours of dvd flew by which is a very good sign, at one point i could feel my heart pounding as i do when i am fishing!!, it makes you buzz for the new trout season
One point i did notice where this dvd differs from others is that it does not flick from scene to scene and you get the feel that you are there fishing with them, they do not show all the 'catching fish', they show you the real side to fly fishing including losing fish, missing takes and even JT casting into the bushes on the other bank! with Dean taking the P"ss most of the time, this is a credit to the film team and JT not trying to make out he is a God of fishing as other have done in the past.
The wild river rainbows that are caught are unbelievable and the afternoon Dun footage is electric with the camera getting everthing including sipping the May down..
There is a sene of a 4lb trout chasing a may and leaps out the water 2ft in the air snapping at the Fly top quality footage i have never seen..

This dvd is a credit to all the team in the dvd world of fly fishing and i highly recommend you get a copy soon as you will love it, and also these people need to sell so it provides funds for other top class dvds to be produced. 10/10

Bad point... JT's dodgy manc accent and Dean's bad cap
Well done lads

Nice one