Friday, 21 December 2012

At the vice with the soft touch shrimp

It's been a long slog to get the soft touch shrimp how I have wanted to..the rivers have been shooting up for weeks and it's really hit me hard not getting my fix on the river but with fly fishing you have you chair at home where you can sit and tie flys for hours on end dreaming of some looping over fly rods!!!


My good friend Jason Snape is a photographer and I asked him to pay a visit to me to for some proper macro shots of my 'finished' soft touch shrimp

The pictures are amazing and but my main goal was to get my followers who attempt this fly to really see the effect I am getting


So thanks to jase for taking his time out

The top picture is the natural with a orange (parasite) hot spot and the other is a fancy pink one we all know grayling love..