Thursday 22 August 2013

The bubble in the rise

The question that many anglers often ask is how to spot a grayling rising?
Well being on the river studying fish as often as I do you get to observe certain ways of rising fish..
People often say about the bubble left by a grayling which is very true but trout can do the same affect too so it's not a sure sign.
I often target grayling as my preferred fish for the dry fly as the satisfaction is much more than a trout due to how much your presentation needs to be spot on.. Without going into detail a persistent rising grayling  in my view will be become more preoccupied with the given hatch than a trout which can be tempted without matching the hatch (sometimes)..
A grayling will hold station in a feeding lane at the river bed and can see so much more than a trout that sits inches below the surface..
Therefore drag and the right choice of fly has been critical for me..
Last evenings fishing was all that I needed to get my hatch fix of grayling..
The BWO spinner falls are becoming less and the river did not have the prolific hatches of these spinners but never less there was enough to find around seven rising fish in the last hour which I managed to land 3 grayling and 2 trout with Richard Wards poly prop spinner..
Both trout were hit on first attempts and the grayling put my fly presentation to the test with 3 or four attempts..
The proof is there for me, any dry fly man I see catching 'proper' grayling on the dry is doing his job well..
I am out most nights this week getting my fix so plan to start updating my blog on a more regular basis..
Podcasts are going well and I have some real treats up my sleeve so to any readers or listeners get yourself off the couch on get these last few months of dry fly fishing before its too late
Nice one

Friday 16 August 2013

OMBRÉ of the river Dove!

Ombré known by the French anglers for grayling meaning 'shadow' 
My Dove record graced my net earlier this week, a 49cm 3lb plus fish taken on a stripped quill F fly..
The love for these fish is becoming part of me..
Living the dream