Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blanking on the Severn!!

Got the chance for a days fishing and could not decide where i could go, i spoke to Woody Saturday and we both agreed that fishing would be hard either whereever i decided to go, i decided to go upto the higher end of the river Severn as i love the run out and its a lovely place to fish for Grayling plus the added bonus of a chance of a huge fish...
I was going solo and set off around 8 oclock, there had been a frost in the night and the skys were clear, yes it was going to be hard but its just great to be out fishing..
I loved the drive out and even called Mcdonalds for my usual lat'te, Woody does give me stick when i ask for these as my Stoke accent does not go well when asking for this 'posh' coffee!!
I arrived  to see a cristal clear river, it looked amazing as i could see everything and huge shoals of Ladies ghosting around..
I soon set up and after a few casts i could see these fish were totally switched off, after years of fishing i can spot this a mile off...from then on i had a wander upstream to try and find some rifles as to give me some stealth and hopefully find the odd fish willing to have a go....
The river was totally on it arse, a powerful river like this looked very much in need of a good wash out...
I knew i was going to struggle to get a fish and most of the time i would fish very hard to try and get one but today i thought 'fuck it' i was just going to enjoy the senery and the watch the Red Kites riding the thermals...
I did wait for a few hours to see if a hatch of LDO would come off and liven things up but it was not to be, i never saw one olive..
I did have a go on the dry which got me going when i had a Grayling move from its hold, follow the fly and turn away as it realized it was a hook and feather! The dry really does get me going and its not long now until i will be dry fly mad again, for me Grayling fishing has been superb and the czech nymph method is a joy to use, but for trout its got to be dry, that it....
I think i might get one more Grayling session in next week and then its time for me to start hitting that Wye where i must admit that 'dreams are made'....
So Dave (Squire) i have had a blank but they are 'good for the soul brother' i remember carp fishing in winter and going 23 times without a fish and broke the lake record on the 24th session!!!LTD
Nice one
Spot the Shoul of Ladies, there are twenty two fish shown if you count them!!


  1. Glen, in that case my soul will be in top form for those warm nights at Elly. Well done bro you have had a great grayling season. Get yersen on red tube it will be a nice wind down!!

  2. I've had a few days like that Glen.....A great spot to be on a day like today though. I suppose thats why we call it fishing and not catching mate. Great photo of The Ladys !. Catch up over the next few weeks to hit into the Trout.

  3. Brother,

    Get some lattes in yer...


  4. Good on you Lord Rocher....nothing worse than being able to see them but not being able to catch them, but well done for trying!

    Good to see that some of Woody's culture is finally wearing off....Now say after me "Pass the glass Woody!"