Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Dovedale half day guiding with JT produces a 2lb 12oz clunk!!

I have had a great season on the Grayling this year and caught some huge fish i could only dream of, fishing the bugs has been something that has got hold of me and will look forward to next season, being guided by JT from knowing nothing about Grayling fishing was the best thing i did, i picked up no bad habbits and i learnt to fish John's way which after a hard 6 weeks or so it clicked, i had a few problems that i wanted to iron out so called on Tyzack to give me a half day session at Dovedale.
We met around eleven at Dovadale and had the usual good crack and tackled up, i said to JT it looked like it was going to be very hard with the river being so low and clear and he just gave me that look and said 'the fish are still hear brother and we will have em' well that gave me a confident booster and we set off nymphed up...
JT's new fly for this time of year is the 'straggle nymph' that was thrown at me and told to put on the middle dropper, dont know who picked the name of this fly but it sounds like something i have been watching on red tube!!
John said that in conditions like this its pretty obvious where the fish were going to be and the added bonus was that there would be lots in there, how true this was when i took 5 half pound Grayling on the 'Straggle' out of a small pool, and a few trout to the point fly
We were taking fish out of lots of swims but they seemed to be in quick paced flow with a deep scour,
I took one fish pushing over the pound mark and then lost the one paired up with which looked a good fish...
Then it was the 'champs' show as i stood being intructed of a hot method and watched his line stop dead, he lifted into this fish and it rolled backwards and took a run dowstream, we knew she was a clunk but when the fish held in the flow with a 4inch dorsel we knew it was a bit special, JT's fish playing is soooo cool its untrue, never once did this fish ever look to have him over, it would not be bullied and John let it do what it wanted but with pure control, a joy to watch in a very tight space...
We slipped the net under and John's manc accent shouted 'its a clunk ar kid' weighed at a wacking 2lb12oz she was pictured and slipped back with some underwater camera action, i am waiting for JT to post it across to me as it is wicked!!
Well we were buzzin now, the biggest i have seen come from the Dove this year and we know theres bigger but they will have to wait until next season...
I must thank John for guiding me into a Grayling man this year, sounds a bit like i want to shag him but he is one top guide and makes you catch fish in any condition's, he is not there to lord it, never gives it the big un, and most of all he a right sound bloke who once you have been out with him for guiding he always helps you out with any free advice on the phone and stuff....if you want to sort your fishing, even if your already a top fly man, JT will get you 'on em'

Going for a river walk with Jan next week on the famous Derbyshire Wye, now that will get me buzzing!!!
Nice one


  1. Seems like you've had a really good Grayling season Glen and from what I've seen of you, you have got pretty damn good at it too.

    My last session will be up at Milldale/Dovedale after the work party on Saturday. I was expecting the worse but this report has buoyed me somewhat, that and the arrival of my Streamflex.



  2. Does this mean that you DON'T want to sh@g me now? JT