Thursday, 4 March 2010

2lb 8oz male @ 46cm Male beauty blasts my PB!!

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  1. Great looking fish Glen, is that one from the Severn or have you been off site again?

  2. Dave
    Its another quick nip off site job and that new stretch of river, we have massive fish all around us in Staffordshire and Derbyshire, its just finding them is the key!!
    Hoping for one bigger before the season ends but that will take some doing now...bring on the spotties!! We will have to get a early season kelly night up at Elly to start the season?

  3. Once again Glen I am very jealous. Good angling youth!

    Bad luck on the fish you lost - you must have been gutted.

  4. Thanks Roger..
    Its mad, i have been taveling all over to catch big Grayling and they are 15 mins from my house!! saying that i do prefer the strain of Grayling that comes out of the Teviot and the Severn...they look more like bone fish and fight like dogs...
    I am out on Sunday but dont know where yet...
    Saw you on the a500 today, what you doing in the land of Stoke?

  5. I had the pedal to the metal and all the doors locked Glen that's what I was doing :)

    I do that route every fortnight when I pick my lad up. He knows the A500 like the back of his hand by now.

    I won't be out until next Saturday afternoon after the LADFFA work party.



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