Wednesday, 11 November 2009

May Fly Dvd by John Tyzack

I bought the much awaited DVD from JT at the bffi fly fair, i got home later on at night and opted for Match of the Day or JT Mayfly dvd and JT's won hands down...
Well i am not a big fan of fishing dvd's but this one is very different indeed..
Soon as i got it on i could instantly tell that the quality of the work that has gone into it, they have used real pros to do the filming and it really shows, all other fishing dvd suffer from bad camera work due to obviously a low budget which is understandable but they must have really gone for it to fill a much needed gap in the market..The picture quality is the same as top film dvd..
The fishing is done on the famous river Wye in Derbyshire, with JT guiding Ashes to Ashes actor Dean Andrews, who is a typical fly man like myself who loves fishing and takes tips from JT all day and is very enthusiastic.
The fishing is done right through the morning until last light on a true Mayfly day with action you can only dream of, JT shows you all the methods to catch the bigger fish at this time..
I shall not go into too much detail but the 2 and a half hours of dvd flew by which is a very good sign, at one point i could feel my heart pounding as i do when i am fishing!!, it makes you buzz for the new trout season
One point i did notice where this dvd differs from others is that it does not flick from scene to scene and you get the feel that you are there fishing with them, they do not show all the 'catching fish', they show you the real side to fly fishing including losing fish, missing takes and even JT casting into the bushes on the other bank! with Dean taking the P"ss most of the time, this is a credit to the film team and JT not trying to make out he is a God of fishing as other have done in the past.
The wild river rainbows that are caught are unbelievable and the afternoon Dun footage is electric with the camera getting everthing including sipping the May down..
There is a sene of a 4lb trout chasing a may and leaps out the water 2ft in the air snapping at the Fly top quality footage i have never seen..

This dvd is a credit to all the team in the dvd world of fly fishing and i highly recommend you get a copy soon as you will love it, and also these people need to sell so it provides funds for other top class dvds to be produced. 10/10

Bad point... JT's dodgy manc accent and Dean's bad cap
Well done lads

Nice one



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