Friday, 27 November 2009

Wye Derbyshire Grayling Fishing (PFFA)

Been missing fishing so much lately as work is getting busy at the minute and the rivers being in a shit state.
I rang Jan (Haddon Estate river keeper) to see what the conditions were like, he said the river was high but clearing so i thought i would get off work for a few hours and wet a line, when i arrived the river was high but nice and clear but i was still optimistic fishing a high river.
I usually hate this sort of fishing but i soon got my head around where the fish would be, out of the strong flow and in the edges and behind large boulders, something that i have learnt from Barbel fishing the Dove in the same conditions, infact i have had my best fishing days when the river looks slightly unfishable.
I tackled up with a 3 fly set up, like czech nyphing but a polyyarn indicator a foot off my fly line, this is a method i thought of using on the Wye as the no wading rule can limit you when czech nymphing as to be on top of the fish.
If fishing close i could still lead the flys down with the indicator acting as the end of my fly line but i could still cast further out to get a Klink and dink method if needed.
The flys used were a large weighted Pink Shrimp on the point and a small dull shrimp on the dropper going upto a poly indicator.
On the first cast of the day is the poly yarn snatched away sideways and i hooked into a feisty fish and i had that sinking feeling that i had hooked a out of season rainbow, to my amazment the fish rolled and i saw it was a large Grayling, seconds later it come off!
I wandered about and had a quiet half hour then started to take Grayling which were suprisingly fighting there heads off all on the large pink shrimp, i usually think Grayling are plodders but these Wye fish are game...
All my fish were weighed in my new Mclean's weight net which was great as i would just lift them up, weigh them and straight back in the water having caused no stress to the Grayling as these can become a nightmare to revive..
I have posted a small video with my new waterproof camera (FugiFilm WP) of returning a Nice Grayling, you can see the fish just instantly kick off due to being out the water for seconds.
The Wye Grayling are a different colour to the Dove fish i am used to, they seem to be a deeper gray colour and fight much harder.
My new camera is doing a great job at the min on close up images but seems to lack on a general shot with them being quite grainy which i am not happy with but will have a play and see if i can get it right, the video is very good and if you click the high res sign on the you tube player its very good quality.
I ended up catching 4 Grayling all over a pound with the highest being 1 lb 10 oz

A great couple of hours fishing which was not expected which made it even better with catching some great fish..
Nice one



  1. Ace post Glen. Looking forward to getting back on the Wye again.


  2. yes was nice to be out brother, we need to start the next dvd!!

  3. Hi Glen! Great post.

    I love the video - I have a Pentax Optio underwater camera, which has been put to extensive use out snorkelling the Mediterranian & I can bore my family for hours with pictures of fish (& videos of open expanses of water, where fish had been just moments before!!).

    We have created a little post about your exploits as a result - hope you like it!

  4. Nice camera work Glen, reminds me of my early work.

    Au revoir and say hello to your uncle for me..

    Jaques Cousteaux

  5. Fab photos of the most beautiful land in Britain