Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Elastone 'feels like coming back home'

Been to my favorite stretch tonight, i have not been for a while due to river conditions and pulling up was like coming back home from a **** holiday if you know what i mean...In my view this short stretch has the best surroundings and a top class river packed full of fish.. John Tyzack fished it with me this year and he loved it, he did ask how i went on in Mayfly here? to my embarrassment i had fished dovedale and he could not believe i had not chosen this venue..I will not make this mistake again..Pulling up the river looked slightly up and was quite colored, this does not put these fish off and the hatches are that big these fish are rising for most the day..I got my gear on and walked down to the river by the bridge, stood for five mins watching 4oz wild trout slashing around chasing emerging sedge, some were missing and coming clean out the water..I took a deep breath and said to myself 'its good to be back!' Some places have special memories to you, we all have a certain spots while fishing that you never forget, this is one place that i will never forget, catching loads of trout and grayling here last year, properly too many at times, i have mellowed slightly and give the fish a rest when fishing is that good, 'but only a bit', and one big fish that you would only usually get traveling to Scotland ever year!!I met another angler there (Andrew) who was fishing for his first time here, one of Squire's mates from work, it was so uncanny how much he sounded like Dave, i could have swore it was him but this lad was not6 ft 7 inch tallHe was fishing the middle section so i jumped in slightly further up and waded the whole section to the top, huge hatches of emerging sedge were coming off the water but only selective trout were hitting them, i saw lots of flashes from the fish chasing the emerging nymph so the nymph would have done very well but this type of fishing does nothing for me so stuck with my dry.. I took 7 fish in total including a silver one, all on my ltd sedge, getting most by twitching the fly JT style..All were small and wild with one getting on for a poundA really good night, fishing not on fire, but who cares, i was living the dream!!Thanks Glen

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  1. Dunner give it too much presha mar'angling trust will be on ya lark a tonne a bricks youth