Thursday, 20 August 2009

Can Picafort, Mallorca, (Holiday with some fly fishing thrown in!!)

Just got back from my holiday today, went to Can Picafort in Mallorca for seven very hot days...
Had some spare time in the mornings to get the fly rod out around the main beach area.
I had swam out with my snorkel to get a look at the local fish that surrounded the beach area, around a hundred yard out there was a rocky area that looked to hold fish, swiming out i threw bread in this area only to see huge Mullet and Sea Bream sipping the bread down.. that was enough for me so the next day i got tackled up with the 8ft 4# streamflex and my LTD sedge with Bread!!
The first day was hard going and i only managed a few pulls off small bream, i found that as soon as i got near the large fish they would show no interest and disappear..
The next day i took the kids dingy with my daughter poppy and and swam out to the area where i had seen fish, i put on the ltd with a big clump of bread!!, the sea was upto my shoulders and casting was very hard as i needed to get a good line out as not to spook any fish, I managed to get a good cast out and let it drift mid water...Wallop! just like the reservoir rainbows hitting your nymph, my line shot out and spun the drag straight out to well past the backing! I new i was into a good fish, i was on 4lb tippet so had to be very careful.. I was right upto my neck in water trying to play this fish, Poppy my daughter was screaming her head off with joy, i must of looked a right tw"t with my head bobbing out the water with my rod looped right over, after 10 minutes i managed to get the fly line back on the spool... I looked around me to see 50+ people watching me from there boats and lylo's!!!
I started to get the better of the fish and started to wonder what it was and how i would land it? a diver went down to have a look and came back up holding his hands up showing the size! his arms showing a 2ft fish!! the crowd then started to cheer when they new it was big..
The fish was lunking around right in front of me so i put a show on for the crowd and give it full stick to get the fish upto the surface, this worked a treat and a 4lb sea bass came crashing out the surface, i felt like a film star as the crowd then started to clap with Germans shouting 'YAH YAH'
I managed to get the fish to hand, a beautiful sea bass caught on the fly rod!! did i eat it? Just as i was going to smack it on the head it jumped out my hand and bust the line and was off!! a full cheer from the crowd and it was all over!!
I caught the bass on my LTD pattern pasted in bread!! going to try this method on my local rivers, should work a treat!!
I had quite a few fish while i was there and they were all sea bream of around 6oz which fought like mad, it was nice to be waded out in the sea in 34 degrees casting a fly rod and its something i will do when i go on hol every year.
On the last day i was standing in the sea with my rod up to my neck in water and i felt a needle shoot straight into my foot, it felt like a hot needle had gone through my foot and was being twisted, the pain was unbearable, i got into slight trouble as i could not handle the pain, i managed to get to shallow water and crawl back to my Mrs on the beach, for 15 mins i was in so much pain it was untrue, i have broken my leg, arms ect and never had pain like that, i would love to know what stung me, it did calm down and my foot went numb.. a lesson for me to where shoes when in deeper water next time!!!
Not a big sea fisher but loved catching on the fly rod...
Glenio Pointonio will be back next year!!


  1. Sounds like a cracking fish youth. How does the story finish on "and a"....did it turn out to be a wellington boot....or a shopping trolley?


  2. I'm disappointed to see that you didn't get the kelly kettle going. Now that would have got the Germans talking!


  3. Glen,

    That would have been something like a Weaver Fish that got you.

    I've stood on one of them before, my leg was paralised for a hour.


  4. Glen, what a gorgeous family you have. Sunshine, family & fishing - sounds like an absolutely awesome holiday (especially as you managed to bag a war wound with which to impress us all)!

  5. There is a lot to see in Can Picafort and I hope that you have visited all the great places there. You should share more pictures so that we can see it and also can be happy from watching your pictures.

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