Thursday, 28 May 2009


May Fly Fisherman


Been upto Milldale/dovedale tonight, water was slightly raised but not colured, plenty of Mayfly about but they are still very wary in taking them surface, Most of the night i watched them taking the mayfly on their way to the surface..
Met around 9 fly fishermen tonight, two of them come from Bedford down south and only come to fly fish it for two days a year in mayfly
They said they love coming here and its worth the money they pay ever year..
I managed 6 trout, most to elk caddis, but got a couple on a JT mayfly, which i bought from the Peacock on the Wye,
The fish only started to rise for around half a hour to the may later on, I lost lots of fish due to them taking very cautiously,
At last light i went down Dovedale and fished the part below the stones, I love this section later on, i have spotted a right clunker on various outings and he always laughs at my fly or spits it out! Tonight i hooked him and guess what.. its peeled off 20 yards upstream and the hook pulled

Well i will get him soon
Forgot my camera so no pics tonight..



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