Friday, 13 June 2008

River Dove ( Hatton ) 13/06/2008

Went for a trip with a mate tonight on the dove at Hatton on the stoke licence, never fished here before but was impressed with the clear water, I have been only fishing the churnet so this was quite a big change for me, I noticed how strong the current was even in slow parts, but got used to it when i waded in,
I fisnroua hard gravel bottom with lots of weed runs which looked great, not a many features as the churnet but a lot of gravel channels ranging from 2ft to 5ft deep,
I saw quite a few rises when we arrived, i also noticed that these were big fish,
I started with my favourite cdc what has done well for me on the churnet, I was running my fly through the channels of boils next to the weed,
After half hour i switched to a orange klinkhammer, this worked for me after 3 casts i was into a good trout, my 4 weight greys streamflex was fully looped over as the fish was hugging low, then the trout did a 2ft leap clean out the water!!!
I started to have more problems when the fish came around me and kited downstream after10mins i landed a lovely 1 lb 8 0z brownie!!! I have had carp over 20lb and barbel over 10 lb but never had a fight like that,
Well I had a few more takes and lost another, but had a great night and will be back for some action soon,
The only downside i was casting my rod towards the end of the night and my rod broke in half, It is a greys streamflex which cost 200 pound, can anyone tell me if i have guarantee? I heard they are lifetime guarantee?

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