Thursday, 12 June 2008

River churnet (fenton) 31/05/2008

Had a good day saturday, walked down to where kev said and started to fish just up from the island is, there were horses in the water around the island so i fished in the slow part just before the water went around the island, i saw nothing showning but put on a white caddis, first cast and i hit a lovely brown trout of about 8 oz, I then moved slightly up where i could see a riser, after 6 casts i hit into another brownie, slightly smaller.
I then moved to the bend with the island and saw risers but could not get them to take the fly, tryed changing fly but still no joy. I t saw absolutly loads of mayfly about but they did not seem to be feeding on them, I could not tell what they were taking but they must have been small.
I moved further up to a strech with over hanging trees and hooked another brownie from under a tree that put up a great fight which was caught on one of those green olives that kev posted to me!!! (thanks),
I had started to fish from one oclock and the fish seemed to stop showing at 6 oclock so i took a break to have my tea, the fish did not start rising again until 8 oclock, i was fishing on the sandy bend with my white caddis, there was a point where the fish were going mad rising everywhere but would not take the caddis until i switched to your green olive which took me another 2 small brownies!!
I had loads of takes where the hook was not setting home which was frustrating, I even saw a good size trout swim to my fly and just turn around as if it new it was a hook.
I noticed that if i saw a good fish rising and it had a go at my fly but i did not hook it, it would never have another go at it.
I read your blog where you said how the fish were acting,

At the end of the day i had five trout which i was very pleased with, I will post some pictures of the fish and some scenic ones as i used to be a wedding photographer so love my pics,

I am thinking of having a go on sutton brook this week some time,

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