Sunday, 15 June 2008

River Churnet ( fenton ) 15/06/2008

Went for another go on the churnet again tonight, arrived about 6.30, started at the lower end near the tree across the water, and worked my way up.
The river was the lowest i have seen it, the usual runs i fish were totally different due to low water,
I started fishing a fast stretch where the water spills both sides of a island, I caught two small brownie that fell to my faithful sedge, fishing in the creases of the fast water,after that fishing went very quite with no rises, I moved further up to the slower parts on the sandy bend but had no joy there, the river seemed to be very quite and no fish were showing.
I moved back down to where i started and saw a fish rise, i dropped a fly on its nose and after 5 casts i took him, around half a pound brownie, nice!
A total of 3 fish on a quite night, not bad, going back on the dove later this week, cant wait!!

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