Thursday, 19 June 2008

River Dove ( fenton licence) 19/06/08

Went to dove tonight on the fenton licence, you need to walk for a few miles before you get to the strech, the run is about 1 mile with a good weed runs and glides, I last fished here for barbel 4 years ago but the banks have overgrown and fenton dont seem to be looking after it, wading is a must but this river is very powerful and is deep in places,
We started fishing our way through the river but saw no rises, it seemed to be very quite with no takes, we were fishing the dry fly and never tryed nymph which probly was the way forward but i need some advice on that method as previously mentioned,
When the light started to go fish started to rise in places which picked up my confidence, I took a violent take on a balloon caddis in very shallow water 6 inch deep, had a great 5 minuite fight on my light gear, then landed a superb 8-10 oz brownie ( see vid )

I will be back on this strech again soon for another bash, i am also joining the derby railway licence soon to have a go on some of there rivers (kev recommend)

Going back on my favorite churnet again sunday,

Thanks glen

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