Friday, 27 June 2008

river churnet 23/06/08 (fenton)

Called kev and told him i was going to wet a line down the churnet, five mins later he rang me back and said he was coming!
We met at 5.30 and made our wat down to the island swim down towards the bottom of the fenton strech, I have had more joy down there than any other swim on the fenton strech,
I had lots of takes as soon as i put the the fly in but only connected with one which was a small gayling, caught on my caddis.

Kev fished further up on the bend and soon started to hit fish, he was fishing the dry and nymph and had fish on both, one a nice sized grayling, in all he took 6 fish, 2 dace 2 grayling and a small trout,

I only caught the one grayling but was well happy with that as i am learning so much more watching kev.
I am still trying to get my casting right, i have taught myself and finding it hard to adjust to cast properly, kev seems to stay miles away when i cast!!!

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