Thursday, 19 June 2008

river churnet (fenton) 18/06/2008

Went to have a go on churnet last night, had been raining most of the day and the water was up to normal hight, it was very cold and windy,
I fished my usual swim at the start with the island, I could not see any rises but stuck to my usual dry fly caddis, I had a coulple of takes but did not hook any fish, I was finding it hard to cast into the wind ( need more lessons off kev!!!)
I then moved upstream and had no luck there also,
I could tell from my fishing years that the conditions were great with the river being toped up, the fish must have been feeding well but i have never tryed to nymph fish properly and when i spoke to kev and heard he had 12 fish on nymph in the dove i new that is what i should of been doing, I need to learn how to nymph fish properly for next time when i have these conditions, I will be hounding kev for another lesson!!
Any way it was my first blank of the season, and thats not bad for a newbie, I will have many more but will keep on going, i am still loving it.

Going on the dove tonight on the fenton strech with a friend who is new to it so will hope for a bend in the rod,

thanks glen

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