Thursday, 12 June 2008

River Churnet (fenton) 26/05/2008

I went back on the churnet tonight from 6.30 till 9.30, also been up stapely and bought some chest waders with the boots today! ( im getting hooked already)

Went down to the sandy bend and moved up to the weir, there were some fish rising but not as many as when i went in the week, I caught a small brownie that i saw rising under a tree, I unhooked it in the water and made great care not to damgage the fish, i never even took it out the water, feels better knowning it will fight another day.

That was all i caught but i lost a good fish in one of the fast sections, had it on for a while but the hook pulled!! I was having quite a few takes but not connecting with them, they could have been small fish, but one looked a good fish but did not hook it,
I tried to wade in and cast upstream but found it hard, i was getting lots of drag on my fly, i seem to find it easier when i am casting more downstream?

At one point i saw one of those sedge/caddis floating down the river and then it got nailed by a good size fish, I found at times tonight they were taking off the top but were not interested in my fly, i was using a cdc caddis for most of the night, tryed switching but still no joy,

Anyway i am proper hooked on this fly fishing, fully enjoyed tonight, cant wait to get back on, I will be trying to get some in this week,

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