Thursday, 12 June 2008

River churnet (fenton licence) 24/05/2008

I had been emailing Kev Harrison after seeing his blog and he gave me some great advice for me starting out on my first ever fly fishing session, and what a great night i had!!

I arrived at about 6.00 and followed kev harrisons instructions, walked down to the sandy stone area on the bend and watched for risers, after 5 mins i could see them taking off the top, I put on a few dry flies with no takes for over a hour, I could see them taking flys off the top and they seemed to be like big white moths, i put on a small brown dry fly and had a take as soon as it hit the water, Great!!! I hooked my first ever trout on the fly, - put up a great fight on my new rod, you can see the fly i had it on in its mouth!! I have that fly on my cap and will never use it again!

I seemed to be gettin lots of takes but i was missing loads?
I saw a trout rising in the same spot for hours but never seemed to take my fly, so i put a fly that looked like the white moths i could see them taking, BANG!, I hit into a better fish as you can see on the photo, The fight was great, had my rod proper bent, and even got a tail walk!!

Well i started to walk back towards the weir and saw a few risers so cast to them and caught a nice grayling and a small brownie!!


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