Saturday, 28 June 2008

River churnet (fenton) 28/06/08

Well this must be the best nights fishing i have had yet,
I arrived at 5.30 and started on my favorite island run down the bottom of the fenton strech, the river had been up the previous day and was unfishable, but it had come down to near normal proberly a foot higher with slight colour, i new from past river fishing that they would be havin it!
For the first hour i did not have touch and no fish were rising, i tried a nymph but nothing was taking,
Kev had suggested i try some other runs which were unfished which i did and was very succesful, i saw a fish rise and a couple of casts i was into a lovely coloured brownie(see photo), from then the river seemed to just switch on! there were not that many rises but i was hitting fish on every cast, i took 11 fish in the space of a half hour!! in one spot i took 6 fish all from the same run,
I then moved to the hanging tree where i usally find it hard going, I was setting up and heard a big slurp! i have seen carp do this but not trout, I saw the fish rise again and placed a cast and hooked a good size brownie which fought well, the fish is the one in the net pictured.( just under a 1 lb i think)
I used a small adams which did the trick for most of the fish which is now battered and will retire on my hat,
All in all i had 14 trout and one dace which is a great result for me, but has spoiled me a bit, most fish were small but provide great sport, i would put the good fortune down to the fish feeding there heads off after the drop in water.

Thanks glen

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