Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snatching Virgin Grayling on the Tean with Wesser


Had a hour on the Tean today with Wess on our new owned stretch, this river is full of quality condition Grayling and is a joy to fish, the pools are all perfect with sweeping rifles deep running channels holding fish tightly packed together..
We have been fishing it for the Grayling season and Wess living on the banks of it has produced some very nice fish indeed.
The river was quite low today and running very clear so it was obvious that stealth was going to be important, it started off slow fishing until we found them and this produced a few fin perfect Ladies which do just hammer you on light tackle, the one pictured above is proberly the nicest Grayling i have ever caught, no damaged fins, and a lovely pink shade to the gills, all the scales were unmarked, she looked to good to catch.. i did get some slight bleeding on the top lip where i hooked this fish proberly do to a first hook hold...
We moved up the river taking the odd fish but once one was caught it looked to be putting all the others on edge, i have seen hooked fish move back into a pool and all the other fish can sence a problem and i think this is a major when returning fish back very close to where you caught it....
A great hours fishing while nipping off site is always a good short fix!!!
Nice 1

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  1. Nice 1 brother. Looking forward to fishing the Tean, especially when the Troots kick in!!!!