Monday, 15 February 2010

Dave Cross new blog (The Squire)

Dave has started a nice blog and it is going to be a good read as he likes all sorts of fishing and this is quite refreshing from the usual fly only sene...
The picture below is one i have pinched off his blog..
I love this pic and it tells a story of what Dave is all about, centre pin, old battered match rod, and the float is just wicked...a true 'angler' not the trend crazy sort like we all can become from reading too much Trout and Salmon!!
The picture just makes me want to go 'fishing'

If you want to see his blog just click on the link below

Nice one


  1. Glen, thanks for the kind introduction. With wordsmithing like that I'll let you write my obituary, not that I'm planning on checking out for a while yet.

  2. PS that pic was taken on the macro setting as you recommended. Nice one.

  3. Glen,

    I like the way that you have "matched the hatch" with the colour of your text on your blog header!