Friday, 7 August 2009

Dovedale (on my lonesome)

Been to Dovedale tonight, got there around 6.45 and fished through the Pointon's Glen and all the way up to the mid section..I knew i was in for a session when i hooked a fish on my first cast!! i did not want to hang around there too long as i have canned it too much this season but still caught 5 fish walking up to the twitching ltd..they were on it youth!( i said out loud thinking Woody was with me) the picture of the bottom fish is one i have caught twice before and is always in the same spot, a nice pounder who is a right scrapper.. I walked through the nursery even though they were rising all over i moved on and fished the pool above there.. and a steady olive hatch was going off which made me change to a size 20 paradun which took me 8 small 4 oz wildies, these are very small fish but very good sport, reminded me of the fish at lords bridge..I have made a small net for catching the flys in the surface, a method shown to me by JTyzack...when i can see fish rising all down a run i will get in lower down as not to spook the fish and take a few samples, i am not the sort that is obsessed with which type of olive ect but i look for size and match this to my jt olive,or a olive paradun recommended by the 'quality fishcake' ( how can this bloke be out of a job when he is such a good fly fisher)I have fished a olive pattern and not had one take until i come down two sizes from 'matching' and this gives you a right buzz when you start taking them..I recommend you give this method a go as you will increase your catch rate, but you do look a tw#t when you get seen by walkers holding a net into the river peering inI moved further up and came across a slower run where i took some nice 10oz ers on the ltd, fishing them tight into the banks...I ended the night with 16 fish all to the dry.A cold snap came as the light turned and the olives stopped coming and the trout went down, i walked back to my favorite spot half way down the Glen, lit my kelly, had a brew and a fag in the dark at the most beautiful place in the world! ( i did miss Woody though)Nice one GlenPs I will knock a net up for any of the Ladffa lads, just pm me and i will send you one, very simple to make...

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