Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dovedale 'last light of magic'

Went to Dovedale for the last couple of hours last night, arrived to see lots of anglers fishing the fast section, wish i had gone to Ellastone, too many anglers for me still hoping of a mayfly rod bend, decided to not really fish much and go fish spoting, All the anglers were having a very hard time with only a few fish here and there being caught, I watched a nice fish in the fast section chasing emerging Mayfly, there were no rises and its obvious these fish are on the Mayfly nymph, Met up with Roger who had taken a few, had a nice chat with him and we wandered back down towards the car park, Roger needed to get off early due to work so i stayed until all the other anglers had gone, i find it hard to see why so many fisherman go as soon as the light turns, my 29 years of fishing has shown me that this time produces nights to remember, in my barbel days i have taken over 5 10lb plus fish in this last hour and i think the same goes for all fishing.
There was a huge hatch of sedge which put the fish into a slashing frenzy, I put on a caddis fly but did not get any takes! a valuable lesson was learnt when i went to a bigger caddis which matched the size coming off and i took 7 fish in half a hour, 'size matters'
I took a nice stock fish with blue spot which was dispatched and eaten when i got home, when gutting the fish it was full of mayfly nymph and a small trout!!
A great night and the last hour was all it needed.


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  1. Hi Glen,

    We love your blog & your photos are absolutely crackin' - would you consider doing a guest post on our blog? We'd love to hear your tales of derring-do!