Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bentley Brook or Bentley spook!!

Fished Bentley brook tonight, the river was extremely low and clear for the rain that we have had, met Alex, new member of Laddfa, we had a quick chat over whats been happening around the rivers, We saw a fish rise and Alex offered me to have a go in his pool so i willingly tied on a bwo spinner and took the fish on the third cast, a beautiful small wild trout with bright red spots.
I have been in touch with Matt (North Country Angler) who fishes the Eden, he has been great to me and is always willing to help me where ever possible, i love to read his posts and it shows what a knowledgeable fly fisherman he is, his love for the sport is equal to mine.
I needed to start learning more about which flys are hatching on the water as feel this holds me back sometimes in catching more fish, instead of using attractor patterns as many do..
i put this to Matt and he has posted me a cd with all his pictures of the fly life on his rivers with a description of how to see which type they are, I will return the favour to him soon, I will be going to fish the Eden with him soon and he is going to guide me through this great river, i hopefully will return the favour of a session on the Dove at Dovedale..
Well i have studied some of the flys and as i walked down to the river tonight i saw a cloud of spinners above me, i started to jump around to catch one with the amusement of a couple in a car!! every time i try to catch a fly, walkers always seem to see me jumping and chasing flys and i feel a right twat!!
Well i caught one and looked at my pictures to see that it was a BWO spinner, this was a nice feeling as i would not have had a clue normally, I then tied on a bwo spinner and caught the small brownie mentioned earlier, This felt great and what fly fishing is all about for me,
I am learning so much because i always listen to good anglers and take on board what they have told me, and practise allot!!
I only fished for a hour as the temp went right down, i saw a few rises here and there but if you fart the fish get spooked, the water is also down and gin clear which makes it worse..
A nice night to be out and looking forward to the weekend


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