Friday, 8 May 2009

Lords Bridge River Churnet

Fishing was great, started at the laddfa strech and only took one brown, fish rising were far and few until i moved down to the Fenton Strech, there was a massive hatch of yellow mays and dark olives i think From 8 oclock until half nine i took 17 trout
The trout were diving all over the place and some were taking flys in the air which i have never seen
I have noticed that the fish have grown from last year, some of them glowing red spot fish were getting around half a pound, and they were fighting harder than i ever got last year... I find i get more fish from the Fenton run, dont know whether its because its unfished or i know it better.
All trout were taken on a size 16 standard adams..
Went for a go today for a couple of hours, met a sound lad from the forum (adamroybooth from brum) he had found it hard going on the laddfa but moved down and took 5 on the dry,
I just walked through the laddfa and caught 5 out of season grayling, the trout seemed to be down so got off early...

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