Sunday, 19 April 2009

River Dove Ellastone

Went to Ellastone last night for a few hours, Dave (squire) had been in the day and said it was quite hard going,
On arriving the weather was hot and bright but no fish were really rising, just the odd rise now and again, As the light started to fade the river errupted with fish rising all over the place, managed to take around five fish to the dry, most were taken on a grey duster and the dhe, all were quite small but i hooked a out of season grayling that was huge, (see picture), I unhooked the fish in the water and never picked her out so photo was taken holding her upstream, taking a mark off my rod the fish was just over 14 inch long!! I would say it was over 2 lb, I am not a grayling man but this was the largest one i have seen and it looked a old fish..
I also saw some big rainbows leaping out last night but failed to hook one, its seems only Dave can catch them this year!!
Another good night for me on the dry and may fly is still to come...

Thanks Glen


  1. Hey Glenn

    Cracking photo returning the fish with the sun setting in the background. Did you use fill-in flash?


  2. Hi Andy, you would not believe it but these pictures have been taken with my moblie phone!! I set u p on close up mode and like you said, just a pinch of flash and leave on a night setting to give a longer exposure, I used to be a wedding photographer so have a bit of knowledge but cant believe how good the phone is, its a nokia n82 with a carl Zeiss lens.. I got bored of the old pictures so trying to do something a bit different this year..
    Thanks for your comment Andy