Saturday, 18 April 2009

Darley Dale, River Derwent

It is 29 miles from my house to here and takes me a around a hour to get there, but well worth the run..
The river looked in fine form, short of a top up but running clear, this strech is a joy to fish with deep slow runs to fast weed runs, lots of overhanging trees with wily trout rising under them..
The river is the widest i have fished and wading can be a bit tricky if you dont know it well, i noticed that the bottom of the river can go from shallow to deep in a few steps so care is needed to be taken in these areas, i think a wading stick will be purchased on my next visit,
Arrived around twelve to see a good hatch of granom coming off, the sun was bright but did not put the fish off from rising, First cast produced a nice 10 inch wild brown to my DHE, I tied a couple of these with a green band of dubbing on the bottom of the hook to match the granom coming off, i was getting free rises to this fly taking 4 fish until all were caught in trees
Having no more dhe i went for anything in my box brown and took quite a few fish on a adams..
My best fish of the day came while wading through a deep slow weedy run, i saw a rise under a overhanging tree and while casting to it i only had 3ft of run until i had drag on the fly.. after four flies in the tree i managed to hook and land a lovely wild brown which fought its head off..
Had a top day and took 8 trout in all, these fish seem to fight harder than dove fish, All were taken on a dry fly which is what i love so will be back again soon for another go...ref="">

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  1. Hi Glen,

    Can I ask which stretch of the Derwent at Darley Dale were you fishing? I joined Derby Railway Angling Club last year and visited the Derwent a couple of times this year though as i am a complete novice with flyfishing in general and the Derwent being my first ever river fishing and as of yet no caught or even seen any fish on the DRAC stretch of the Derwent.