Saturday 30 May 2015

River no one goes!!

Out with Mark last night on a Dove trib, not a nice river but looks to hold some major WILD horses! We could of pulled streamers but my 7 year old daughter could do that so the chosen option was the cream!! Look for a riser, match the hatch and try and get the fish to take on light tippets.
We spotted a very tiny sipper in a back eddy of 10ft deep water, we could not see the fish as it was in coloured water.. It was dimpling the surface under a over hanging tree.. We knew what it was feeding on.. Dead duck flys and the odd Hawthorne. Mark got out his own tyed IHBO humpy on a size 20 and crept down on his hands and knees doggy style ! I sat and watched as he did a bow and arrow cast about 1 foot from the bank edge.. The slightest of sips and his rod twatted right over to our amazement of a running horse!!
A mental  scrap amongst some trees and we had a true wild big hoose in the Net..
Mark has only being fly fishing a year but is a experienced angler and he was buzzing his head off..own tied fly, tricky cast.. Dry fly.. Now that's the cream brother 
PS you will notice in the picture that he looks 'unloved' so his nan says 😄😄😄


  1. it is a relaxing place..... love to go there too....
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  2. So nice fish.Nice tips! I’m looking forward to staying in and handing out candy this year! I want to dress up too but I still have no idea what I want to wear yet.