Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hard as nails

This picture could be a lovely river setting but it is far from it.. It's 5 minuites from my house and is the upper Trent that is 185 miles long! Here in stoke we have the very upper reaches and it's not a nice place to fish, there is heavy silt, bin bags , trolleys, even the odd bit of bog roll there is alway a funny weird smell when fishing it but one thing is has on this mistreated river is some hardcore fish for sure, no one in the right mind would want to stock here so all the chub perch and trout are truely wild as they come.
What is very interested to me is there is a trout I have had a few shots at over the 5 years I have watched it and it has had my pants down on every occasion bar one where I struck too early when it hammered my klinkhammer ..
This fish is the most nervous and cautious I have ever come across, my main problem being chub that sit above and below it, soon as I get near they bolt and this trout immediately knows something is wrong and ghosts back 20 yards to his safety hole ..
So today I saw it again for the first time this year, and to my amazement it was chasing minnows around the shallows !! 
Call me a twat but I must take him on the dry fly, the hatches are really shit here and hawthorns is probably my only chance.. 
I have decided to make this fish my target and there is one thing I know I will be in for a some serious  scrap as it will bolt for its hole which is a under a trolley !!
It looks around 3lb plus, it has a head of a horse, it back end is slightly skinny but it's looks as rough as a bears arse and reminds me under fed gypsy as hard as fuck.. I bet it's has snapped some casual floats boys clean of the years..
I hope to hold this fish ..


  1. Hi Glen
    deceptive is a good description of a stream such as this. Its amazing what fish will tolerate, but what about fly life? Its certainly going to be a challenge and I look forward to seeing a shot of your quarry. If anyone can catch this elusive fish then I'm sure you can. Good hunting