Monday, 5 January 2015

It's a PB for WYK Adam Stafford

WYK Adam Stafford releases a big thumping Grayling from my holy Dove, he spent the weekend at my house in Stoke On trent  after traveling all the way from his  home in the south coast of England.
I was standing 6 ft away from Adam looking for fish when i heard him say 'Yes' my first reaction was to look at his rod tip as i always do now, i can tell a trout from a grayling and most importantly a big grayling, 2 seconds and his rod gave two huge slow thumps and i knew he was into a PB...
Me trying to be cool i told him to relax and took two steps over to him, the first foot hit a underwater log and then the dreaded second foot as it come forward hit the log.. i went straight in head first and did a grayling roll myself.. I looked up and Adam had one huge grayling on and his spare hand holding me up in the river!! We both pissed up laughing in a surreal moment and after a good few minuites scrap he landed a Dove thunmper..
These are moments i never forget and i find it more exciting watching someone else catch a Pb.
The picture is a cracker... catch and release of a pb, and a hot orange sail...
Adam is lovely lad and has insane fishing love like myself..LTD


  1. Happy New Year Glen! I'm disappointed in you though, the old Glen would have come out of the water with a 3 pound greyling between his teeth and tailing a grisle in each hand!

    Have a great 2015 and keep LTD!!!


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