Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tying the soft touch shrimp video

Here is a video I have put together for my new sts pattern...I have had so many questions about this fly i have done this to help people out...

Get tying!!!!






  1. Hi Glen
    I've followed the development of the soft touch shrimp thro' your blog from its inception and it looks as if your on to a good thing there. It says a lot if the lads at Fish- On have gone to the trouble of sourcing a suitable silicone. Can I ask, how long does it generally take to cure the fly and how does it stand up to the fish?

  2. Hi Peter
    Thanks for the kind words, the fly is very new and doing well so nice to see how other people getting on with it..
    I have heard of a 3.3 lb grayling be caught on one in Scotland lady week..
    The silicone is dry and ready to use after about 8 hrs..
    I have used them before that time and they are no good...
    They last very well through catching fish, I had about 5 big grayling on the same fly.. They are much stronger when they are blended in like in the vid..


  3. Nice looking bug Glen, Spoke to a lad called Spencer a few days ago who lives in the same town as me told me to look up your blog and I just did , I must say that Shrimp looks the part, will have ago at tying a few this week. Spencer gave me afew of his Shadwick's Sqirrels a few months back the have realy worked well and I caught my biggest Grayling of 2.5lb on the Nymph fished Duo.

  4. Hi Glen, it is Sonia from Arena. Have you been getting my emails? Could you check your inbox, I've been messaging you for the last couple of weeks. Can you please get back to me? Thanks,Sonia

  5. Great fishing blog, really good readin. Keep it up!

  6. Hi, Mr Pointon,
    Fantastic shrimp.
    However, after watching the video and your talk of milky fluids, my lady and I were rather overcome with the details and ended up rather sticky. No soft touch after that.