Friday, 17 August 2012

My nephew Scott first time fishing 'Rudyard'


A few weeks ago i was around my sisters house and young buzzer Scott my nephew was asking if I could take him fishing...

He had been a few weeks before with a mate and his dad, but the saddening thing was he had been to a commercial fishery stacked full of carp with gravel pegs and and car spaces next to your peg and worst of all a chocolate coloured lake where the fish have to smell for food!!

You all know the type of place and in my view these places have ruined fishing for what it is..

Maybe I am old school at the age of 38 already but ain't fishing about climping through overgrown bushes and snagging trees lol..

I could moan about these 'plastic waters' all day but that's another subject..

Anyway Scott had been and blanked! His mate and his dad had caught some carp between them and this angered me, as a uncle who is a fishing maniac I wish I could of been with him..

He was still keen to go fishing and him blanking proberly was the best thing to happen to him on the 'plastic lake'

Next the plan was to get him some tackle, Scott had got some funds saved and asked me to get him some stuff..

I wanted him to learn right from the basics, so there was one way to go... He needed some course fishing gear..

I put a message out to the lads on the fly fishing forum and was totally gobsmacked by the generosity of the replys..

A lad from Swindon got his old match stuff out of his garage and gave Scott the whole lot for 50 quid!!!

Scott's dad took the trip down to pick it all up and I was amazed when we got it back home

Fishing seat

Two carbon rods

8metere pole

Landing net

Keep net

Full tackle box

3x reels

Carry all

There was loads more to list but it was all 1980s gear in perfect condition and I was buzzing...

I spoke to john Davis (sotas president)... I asked him of places where we I should go... It was decided to go to rudyard lake where I have my fishing boat moored up for Piking on the fly..

there were plenty of silver fishing coming out to some regulars and john pointed me in the right direction....

So on a Wednesday evening I was sat on the pier at rudyard lake with Scott setting up the pole!! We had a pint of pinkies and a loaf of bread..

I baited the swim while setting up to move the fish in..

Well to be honest Scott looked so exited and I was getting the same feeling myself!

It had been years since I have done any float fishing and as i place the pole float into the baited area I soon realised the antisapation of watching for the float going under!! It's just the same buzz as a dry fly angler gets from watching a drift..

I passed Scott the pole and watched the float bump then get pulled under!!

Strike!!! He missed

He missed the next 3 takes but kids pick things up so quick he hooked and landed his first ever perch!! Wow his face was amazing...

From that point he bagged up on the pole and landed 32 silver fish, bream roach and perch !! His striking was spot on and playing them in perfectly..

He had fished a proper lake where the fish have spawned and learned to fish right from the start...

On the way home he said that he was really exited waiting for the float to go under! I thought to myself 'he got fishing in his blood then' where from lol??

Recently it has become a family outing with my two girls and Harriet !!! See pics below

Nice one


Glen Pointon

The stoke top is the only bad part
Scott's first ever fish
Mixed bag

Annie Rose my little flower
Poppy with her first fish being held by Annie!!

Poppy's first fish!! With Annie holding it!!

Harriet with her first fish... Women fisherman watch out!!!


  1. that is great Glen, scott and harriet have truley got the fishing bug - they love it and its thanks to their mad unlce, your loving sister Natalie x

  2. Nice one Glen, the missus, kids, and dos(s) like a walk rould Rudyard it is pure class and stteped in proper angling history. My Dad used to catch the train down from Dukinfield to fish here in the fifty's. As you say not a man made muddy puddle but pukka.

  3. bit of blogging yet ! So proud of all my family.
    Now can you teach him to mow my lawn ? (and Scott, ......stay single !!!) Mum. xxxx

  4. Dave
    Yes mate can't stand the commercial fisherys... U should look into joining Sotas as they have rudyard and loads of the Dove which would be perfect for you.. 50 quid a bargain

    Fisherman don't mow lawns!!! X

  5. Smashing mate , nice to see youngsters serving their fishing apprenticeship , fly rodders of the future i hope.

  6. Blog with lots of new things here I found.

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  8. It’s good that Scott finds interest in fishing. It’s the best activity to teach children, actually. It teaches them how to be patient and disciplined. Encourage him more to continue fishing, and perhaps, you too could join him every time. =D

    Melanie Daryl

  9. Scott must’ve been really happy to have an uncle like you. When he can’t ask his father to go with him, you’re there and are very willing to join him on his fishing trips. Hehe! That is really nice! You can be perfect fishing buddies in the future! :D