Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fishing just pure fishing, and some with Jamie Oliver

As late i have not been blogging as much as usual, its not down to 'non fishing' but a nice little break from the blogg to stop becoming boring....I have been working for David Wood on Fly Fish Islay which has seen me on the Scottish lochs one week in every month...
I have even been doing some Piking on the fly which i can only describe as heart pounding stuff...
I have many a story to tell with some mad things happing to me as normal!!
I will be posting my full stories as i been getting lots of emails gunning me for not blogging...
Fishing highs....
Fishing with Jamie Oliver at Blagdon res
Catching a big 16lb female pike on my 9ft 8# sage xp
Fishing with my good mate Richy Morris and landing over 100 wild browns on loch gorm averaging a pound...
And of cause becoming a transvestite angler!!
Here are some pictures of my action in the last few months....
fishing with Jamie Oliver on Blagdon..class bloke

16lb 4oz on the fly rod!! was shaking!!!

My first Islay pike!! on the a highland loch where they been since time began
finger stuck in the tooth!!! 11lb female
blagdon at the catch and cook event
Kev winner of the FFI May match on finlaggen
Heading for the highlands in style
wess on the pike....


  1. Lovely to have you back - what a top post to come back with as well... brilliant catches & celebrities too - top stuff!!

  2. Hi Glen,
    great blog, your islay posts have been very helpful!!
    Quick question, any idea what the name of the pike lochs in the mountains are??
    Keep up the good work!