Monday, 17 October 2011

LTDFFA Dove beat is just as good as it gets for Grayling

Top draw
One of my best off the Dove..a 48cm 2lb 9oz male..
A typical Dove Grayling around the pound mark, plenty showing up this year in superb condition
A afternoon on the Dove today saw the best Grayling fishing I have ever experienced ever fishing with bugs.. It's the first time all year I have switched from dry fly fishing.. The rain we have eventually had after months of drought Conditions turned the Dove back to the river I know so well, I have drifted along the banks this year gutted at the state is has been in... The Ldo were buzzing off, the trout were sipping and looked full of energy but the Grayling came out from there hidden holes and were heavily feeding and I had to make the most of this and fill my boots... Fishing a jt flash back and a shrimp I was pinging grayling out of the likely spots until I hooked a fish that gave me the fight I will remember for a long time... I thought i had struck into the bottom and the slow deep movement madee realise i was into a fish of a lifetime again!!! 15 mins later after 2 huge leaps out of the water I landed a 48 cm 2lb 9oz mail Grayling in absolutely superb condition.. The sheers muscle of these big ladies is like no other and landing one is another matter on light gear... Ladies and Gentleman the Dove has woken and has given met best Grayling fishing ever... Ltd Glen


  1. What small hands you have :)

    Well done!

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  3. That 48cm Grayling is a cracker Glen! Beautiful looking fish as some G' that size tend to look quite scary!

    How do you find the spiral indicators? I must prefer a straight piece of nylon as opposed to the spiral.

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  4. Beautiful fish. Jolly good work, sir!

  5. well done some great fishing memories i have grayking fishing not done it in a while well done tight lines