Saturday, 2 July 2011

LTDFFA Summer Social

Well it was time again for the Living the Dream summer social at the Issack Walton hotel..
The lads all met around 7 pm and was great to see a cracking turn out..
Some of the lads had been out on the river earlier in the day and struggled at times to the low clear conditions..
Was good to see the waiting list lads and also Kev from my islay trip as the last time we met we were drinking and fishing constantly for a whole week, well nothing was any different tonight but the crack we have between these lads is like not other, we have the wizard Jt and the technically gifted John Pearson from the 'fish on team' giving us all there knowledge for free and Pearsons 'fish thinking' are mind blowing..
Paul the new lad from Stoke is looking to get into fly fishing and Jt give him his first lesson outside the Walton and how impressive this was to see Paul start to throw a line after 5 mins practise!! Paul has never even held a fly rod!

Well the ltd orange cap casting match was a right laugh, a shortish cast and trying to hit my cap was the goal.. Andrew (ennio) Dave and Gp all coming tops...

Jt won the long distance cast and sent my sage xp 5# with a RW dry fly expert line straight onto my backing which was amazing to see..

The evening saw tying, buffet and some excellent talks by Jt and Jp

The ale was proper going down and I can't remember much after 12 o'clock!!

Cracking times and what a great set of lads

'living the dream'

Nice one

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