Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 3 - Sponsored by Tyskie (not Queen of the Moorlands Piss)

Poland's finest piss

JT with his tits out giving his masterclass

 Went to El Dorado today, river very low, clear and very hot conditions.....all caught fish but nothing to shout about...........we ended up getting leathered on the bank with a JT casting mastercalss session which ended up with 25 cans of piss being sunk whilst sat on the bank.

Ricardo - collapsed after nailing a load of Polish piss
Ricardo brought the cans over and ended up drinking more than us. We left him in a pile as we headed up out into thr river. He was our only drive home so we had to wait til dusk until he could sober up (bonus was the spinner potential). We all sobered up for the evening rise which produced a 15 minute spell of fish-a-cast action on the spinners.

Pissed up trying to catch a San grayling with GP drag drift method

As i write this I am getting more sexually frustrated over the week and Roger's hairy bottom looks more appealing by the day when I get morning glory in the mornings........ I will let you know how things go on this week.......

Nice one

Me and JT - just before we went into the bushes together


  1. Pointon your all rib and dick youth!!

  2. Are you on glue again youth?

    Poor, poor Roger.


  3. Good thing they are fishing the dry and not "nymphing"....otherwise poor Roger!

    Mind you you and JT look quite comfortable!!! Don't make Roger jealous now!

  4. Hope you disposed of the cans thoughtfully as you obviously did not drink responsibly. Mind you, who am I to comment!
    I'm sending your torso photo to Mike and Craig up the Cow.
    A road block up at Cellarhead awaits....