Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Islay Day 2

After our excellent day previously i was buzzing to get up early and fish the Laggan for the Salmon, waking Woody up at 5 oclock was no good as he had been dramming, we had a quick 'you ready for it youth' and we fell back asleep..

We woke up around seven and chucked the gear in the van, 7 weight line ect and heavy tackle.. Peter had more gear than you could ever imagine, a rod for every situation.
We drove across to the other side of the island in 30 mins and arrived at the Estate, we took a stroll down to the rivers edge and our hearts sank, with the dry spell the river had come down even lower than the day before and was looking down to bare bones, we had to decide weather to flog it all day or leave it until later in the week if we had rain.. its probably the first time i prayed for any rain..
Thats the problem with Salmon fishing, you need to catch it right and your in a good chance of a fish but today was a no go...
We decided to head off to loch Gorm where i had loved it the previous day, i was no bothered about the river Laggan as these wild lochs had got a hold on me.
We arrived at Gorm and fished in different spots than the day before, the weather was overcast with a slight ripple which looked top conditions, we struggled on the dry and the wets, it was early in the day and it was obvious that these fish were not on the feed and a evening session on these lochs is the way forward.

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