Sunday, 12 April 2009

River Dove/ Ellastone and Eaton dovedale

Had the full day fishing yesterday so opted for Ellastone in the morning and Eaton dovedale in the afternoon..
Not much rising early on but stuck with the dry, Lots of ldo's coming off and around 11 the trout started to rise, they were hiting the ldo hard, jumping clean out the water and sinking them, managed to take 4 brownies on a DHE,
Finished at one and went down to Eaton Dovedale to have a go, only fished it once last year so going to give it more fishing this year,
Parked by the bridge and saw fish rising straight away, got in by the bridge and had a couple of refuseals until hooked a small fish but the fight was much harder than any trout i have hooked for the size, on landing the fish i noticed it was all silver with a hint of blue, i think the fish was a smolt, i have put a picture on my blog if anyone can tell me what it is?
Met Brian a lad from stoke who was also fishing, he knew the water well and kindly showed me all the good spots to wade, We waded together and fished for a couple of hours taking around 8 fish between us, at times the hatches of ldo was massive,
Brain was very helpful and kindly gave me lots of his own flys to try,
The fishing was great today and i will be putting more time in at the farm to see if i can hook one of the 2lbs ers people talk about on there..
Had the EA come around Eaton dovedale checking rod licences, first time i had ever been checked, infact Brian said it was the first time in twenty five years he has been asked
I asked the baliff if he catches many fly fisherman with no rod licence and he told me 'not many but most of them have been caught at DOVEDALE'



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