Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fly Tying (the next best thing)

With the rain we have had my local rivers will be up and coloured, these are times when i am so frustrated..
The good side of fly fishing gives you plenty to do when the rivers are not fishable like tying your flys, i have only been tying flys for around 9 months but i am getting better, there are lots of advise on the net of how to tie your favorite flys.
After fishing ith John Tyzack i noticed that he only uses around 4/5 different flys 90% of the time, this has made me get rid of all the flys i never use in my box, all i need is a small box with my favorites..
This will contain Klinkhammers,olive duns, olive emergers, F flys and sedge paterns..I might just have a few adams and grey dusters tucked away for certian times.
I will be posting a few pictures of my flys and how to tie them just to help new fly tyers as this helped me when i started out, i am no expert by any means but i am catching fish on all these so must be doing something right!
There is no better feeling than catching a trout on a pattern tyed by yourself.
Nice one


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