Friday, 3 July 2009

Ellastone 'guide John Tyzack cracks the code'

As you know from my recent blog reports i have been struggling on my favorite Elastone stretch, I have been catching fish but
have struggled to match the hatch ect and should be catching alot more fish due to the huge hatches going on, i had decided to
contact England Fly fisher and guide John Tyzack, after a long chat we decided that a evening session would be a good idea for
him to come and see what was going on..
We met around 6 o'clock on the bridge, greeted John and we had a walk along the norbury stretch to have a look, there had been
a heavy rain pour earlier in the day and the river was slightly up but very coloured which deflated me as i needed to show john
what had been happening on here, we saw a few rises here and there and john was giving me tips of flys ect all the way up the
river, John spotted a huge spinner fall going on in the hedges, this was a joy to watch, this being very late..There were lots
of fly life about which was promising, i sat next to the river and we started to see pod of trout rising, this was agood time
for JT to show me rise forms ect, i was learning already.
We peared between two trees and saw a nice brown two inches from the bank heavily feeding, Jt said there is one for later!
We went back to the cars and tackled up,Met Brian who i had fished with in Spring, he decided to go up the top section.
We started to fish the lower section just up from the bridge where we had seen rises, Jt saw a BWO get nailed on entering the
water so we started with a Jt olive which took a small wild brownie after a few casts, the fish were rising in a small pod but
nothing like i have seen in the past few weeks, we continued with the olive but fish were refusing all natural olives and ours.
This is what usually happens to me on this section and the main reason why i asked Jt to come.
Jt got his invertebrate net out and started to take fly life drifting in the top section of the river, a method i have never
seen, after five minuites over catching the flys he told me all the different species that were coming down the river, i could not
believe how much was in the net, he suggested that by the rise form and flys caught they were taking a emerging BWo and leaving
the dun,
We had taken one fish to the olive and Jt told me that the one fish we caught was the only one in the pod taking the dun,
This learnt me a good lesson here, and it was all about to happen later on in the night.
Jt passed me the rod to have a go and i had a few mins casting where he told me about my presentation, he showed me a style
to approach these fish which i struggled with the casting, i did get start to get the hang of this cast and can say when i
have more practise at it i will be hitting lots more fish,
I decided i was learning more by watching Jt fish with my rod, i felt i did not need him to watch me as i could pick up much
more by watching his every move, It was strange but i was getting more a buzz watching him catch fish than me, i watched him
like a halk and his approach, presentation was like nothing i have seen.
Jt selected a emerging olive pattern of his a took 4 fish out of the pod which i must say 'matched the munch'
The river was very coloured and we had done well to find these rising fish as Brian come back down saying there was nothing
happening in the top section with no rises.
We decided to get my Kelly Kettle on the go on have a break while the rises went down, we sat and i fired questions of all
i wanted to know.
After half a hour i took a wander to the section where i always see the rises and struggle, the fish had come alive and were
rising all over the place, i walked back to Jt and said that they were on big time like previous occasions when i had struggled
This was great as why had asked him to come in the first place.
We studied the rises and John said he had rarely seen anything like it, the fish were holding high in the river with the
same fish rising every couple of seconds, Jt said that they were on the emerging olive still but there was so many of them they
were gulping them down high in the water.
We got in the river and this is where he come into his own, he selected the emerging olive and started to work his way through all
the rising fish, picking them out so not to disturb others, what a joy to watch, he hooked every single fish that went for his fly
The casting was superb, totally drag free, At one point a fish rose 2 inches from the bank under some over hanging branches with
a some dodgy currents, i told Jt and with one cast he put the fly right on the button and got into a good fish, he cockily said
'that one Glen' lol, i had earlier said that they are taking the piss out of you Jt and i think he was getting his own back...
He hooked and landed a rainbow of a pound and a half that gave a nice fight, He offered me the rod lots of time but i was
enjoying and learning more watching him..
Jt went back to the car for a jacket while i fished on, when he came back the fish the large brown we had seen rising when
walking the banks earlier on was feeding again, i tried a few casts and JT shouted down that this fish was not taking olive
emergers! This was the best moment for me, i handed him the rod, he selected a sedge pattern and placed his cast spot on, the
second run through he hooked a gorgeous full wild brown pushing the 1lb mark. He spotted all the other fish were on the
emerger BWO and this larger one was sipping sedge two inches from a snag, top class fishing..
We fished right into the dark and Hooked quite a few more fish smashing sedges, it went very cold and we decided to call it a
night, Jt was fishing blind and hooking fish right close to the opposite bank in the dark..
A great night of learning for me and i need to put it into practise, i will be looking forward to getting back to Elly to
see if i can do the same, i am a keen learner and do not forget what i am told so will see next time out,
I might seem as though i have talked about how good John is and he might be a bit embarrassed but when you see him fish you
will know what i mean, i used to play semi pro football and when i played against a pro you realise how good these players are,
this is exactly the same...Some anglers might think they don't need a guide because they have been fishing years, i say this
bloke will learn even the most experienced fly man more than he thought....John is not toft type fly man who ponces around
the river, he is a true fisherman who catches lots of fish..

Nice one JT

'living the dream'


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