Friday, 10 July 2009

Ellastone 'A sherry spinner night'

Met Brian around 6.30 at the bridge at Ellastone, we were contemplating on going to Dovedale if the river looked unfishable, peering over the bridge the river looked up and coloured which made my heart sink as i was really looking forward to the fishing, we noticed fish were still rising and decided to have a go.
We tackled up and Brian fished the bridge while i fished the middle section, fish were rising and were hard to take until we got on the emerging sedge tyed by Brian.
This took some fish and Brian picked off quite a few fish to his fly.
Around half eight the fishing started to pick up and more fish were starting to rise, I switched to a sparcely tyed size 16 klink, a pattern tyed by myself with a masterclass BWO dubbing, i started to wade up the river and take fish on this pattern which worked very well.
At 9.30 the fish went beserk and were hovering flys all over the river, even the ducks were lined up across the river dapping flys as they pasted, the trout siping around them, i stooped down in the river and saw literalyy thousands of bwo spinners dead drifting down the river, Great i was in my first proper spinner fall and new exactly what was going on, the 3 tails said it all...
I pulled out the one sherry spinner i had in my box and started to hammer the fish up the river, it was great to see and the light was going so i enjoyed the action while it lasted, the fall lasted for around half hour which was magic, something i have always looked forward to..
We took around twenty fish in the short session with lots coming in the spinner fall.
A great night out with Brian and one to remember.


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