Monday, 29 February 2016

Not over until the Fat lady sings

The Grayling season is near the end, with the high water levels throught the winter it has got to be one of the hardest times i have experienced in fishing.. I can count on one hand how many times the Dove has been near ideal conditions.
I decided a month ago the stop thinking of grayling and get on the vice and do some homework on my early season trout ventures.
But today within a few weeks of the grayling season closing it looks like there is going to be a mad flurry.
Today i got my fix big time!!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Jelly Bean Caddis Dry Fly

Through out the Grayling season i have been messing around with the deadly but horrible squirmys !!
while using this weird material i started to stretch it around a body of a fly and noticed the amazing translucent effect this gave off.
so before long i was experimenting with the weighted tungsten bugs and the effects were amazing for such a easy fly to tie.
So while out bugging i did notice that the flys never seemed to go down to the depths of the river as good as a hairs ear type fly and then on returning home i threw a length of this squirmy material into a bowl of water and was amazed to see that it floated like a cork!
That was then when i thought what a good dry fly this mad stuff would be..
There are plenty of other materials on the market that can give a good transparent effect but as we all know but  they are a pain to use and sink !
so what are the advantages of using this material for the jelly bead caddis?
1. it floats
2. soft touch feel
3.dirt cheap
4.water proof (wont drown your fly)
5. gives a sick effect that hopefully the trout will love!
6. very realistic
7. very easy to use
8. using different squirmy colours and threads the limit is endless what effect you want

When i showed my mate Scott Webster he was laughing his head off as he said it looked like you could pop it with your fingers and goo would pop out !!
So below is the Jelly Bean Caddis emerger, i hope you have ago and come back to me with your results..
have a mess around with different threads and coloured squirmy.
Will it be better than any other Caddis dry fly? i dought it but its one cool mother fooking looking and easy to do..
Live the Dream

Hook...Tiemco 212Y size 13 or 15 (funky fly)
Thread body...globrite "12 green (veniards)
Thread ...Roman moser (funky)
wing post ... flo yellow tiemco aero wing (funky fly
squirmy... glo green (funky fly) tan is cool too
attenae ... mallard bronze (brando fly tying)
CDC ... wild natural (brando fly tying)
Thorax...Harline uv lavender (funky fly ) or use squirel dubbing
wing...deer hair natures  spirit X caddis deer (funky)
jelly bean caddis emerger

whip down shank with globrite "12 (i will not say touching turns as thats for geeks)
Tie in half a aero wing at the point shown  on hook
make a nice little post!
build up thread on rear of hook to add a 'hump' like the natural
Tie in some squirmy... stretch the unwanted end off and trim off..
wind up stretching the squirmy to create the sick effect and tie off at post
fold back wing in F fly shape and tie off
Now start with some roman moser power silk and tie in the Mallard antenna
tie in some wild cdc (4 plumes tips) dont trim or looks shite
dub in some sparkle here to create the effect of a bubble, use squirel too if needed 
scruff up the thorax with a needle and tie in some deer hair for wing
finished fly ... looks like it will pop!!
fish view!! how can it fail!! slurrrrpp bang snap
some nymphs below using squirmy

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Big Scottish Grayling and Lorne !!

7.00 a.m butty shop (Scottish)
' What are them square things Duck they look lovely !! '
The whole shop looks at me like a alien and the women says it's a square sausage! 
Euan Miller walks in like Liam Gallagher and says 'IL Hev a Lorne' 
Anyway they were fooking lovely and why the hell don't we have them in England!!

I follow Euan as he takes me blindfolded to a scottish freestone river. I am bolloxed after a 4am start but look to my left while driving and have that buzz only fisherman know as I see a river that is so different from my Limestones flows..
Here the rivers look like they are going to swallow you up spit you into the sea..they look barren as hell but and not for the Gentleman May Fly water thrasher.
Euan was 'proper' he did what only a few do, and I got the same treatment by someone who took me the Froome..while I am on a away session off my home waters i never ever do anything other than listen and take advice from the Locals, never once question there methods or flys, I have learnt to fish so many styles this way and it catches me more big fish ..:/ I was set up with 3 of Euans flys , shown his style of fishing and put into the spots..
The fishing on these places is a breath of fresh air for bugging, no trees around me, a bottom so smooth you can just bounce you flys around the stones without losing 20 flys a session!!  But where they are lovely they have there down side.. There are massive pools and searching for grayling around these places i imagine can be soul destroying on a hard day .
Euan walked me straight to a spot and pointed right to the zone ... 4 casts in with a 4.5 MM. slowing the droppers down I hit the one thing a grayling fisher loves ' the old moving log' 
4 minutes into the fight I was gobsmacked by the power of this grayling, the Scottish flow is powerful and the fin goes up and your in for some heart pounding stuff ..
My first ever Scottish Grayling and right big thumper ..
Thankyou Euan, a man who would rather watch me catch more than himself ..'proper'
The Scottish dream