Sunday, 19 July 2015

Trent Tripping !!! 4lb 2oz on a dry

5 weeks of learning the behaviour of this fish tonight i managed to hunt it down and catch it after some major hard work..i had blanked so many times trying to get near this fish i had nearly given up but tonight it looked hungry and was bullying 2 massive chub around the pool, i knew its guard was down..
it was a 2 man job really as when i got into casting position i could not see the fish but got into zone and waited..
i knew where it fed but i had loads of small chub behind it that would spook it so it was a one cast chuck, there was no matching the hatch on here, the trent does not do heavy hatches and a massive LTD sedge (cullen style) was loaded on some serious twang..
i had never been able over the weeks to work out where the trouts bolt hole was but i was about to in spectacular fashion!
the cast went into the zone, not a good cast, it looked about 2ft behind it on a upstream cast, i waited in the flat dead water and thought about another blank on the cards but the size 12 sedge just swirled under in the slightest of nips !
i knew it was the trophy as i belted a down stream strike to set the hook!! it all locked up and the fish did something that i will never forget, it jumped out 2ft in the air and when i saw the size of it my knees went, it then did exactly the same again right into its home in a massive overhanger.. it was going wild and i can only describe it like a fresh run salmon!
it went through weed, roots and no matter how hard i pulled it went harder, i got it all free from the mess and it bolted upstream taking serious line. 
After 5 mins i had the fish right infront of me and it still was not ready but my nerves were shot so just dived the net under it, nothing like they tell you in the books..
23 inches 4lb 2oz  of wild Trent Trout on a dry fly, it dont get much better for me ..
living the dream

Thursday, 25 June 2015

fluorescent Adolescent

Coming soon all the info on one of the most exciting ways to fly fish 

Saturday, 30 May 2015

River no one goes!!

Out with Mark last night on a Dove trib, not a nice river but looks to hold some major WILD horses! We could of pulled streamers but my 7 year old daughter could do that so the chosen option was the cream!! Look for a riser, match the hatch and try and get the fish to take on light tippets.
We spotted a very tiny sipper in a back eddy of 10ft deep water, we could not see the fish as it was in coloured water.. It was dimpling the surface under a over hanging tree.. We knew what it was feeding on.. Dead duck flys and the odd Hawthorne. Mark got out his own tyed IHBO humpy on a size 20 and crept down on his hands and knees doggy style ! I sat and watched as he did a bow and arrow cast about 1 foot from the bank edge.. The slightest of sips and his rod twatted right over to our amazement of a running horse!!
A mental  scrap amongst some trees and we had a true wild big hoose in the Net..
Mark has only being fly fishing a year but is a experienced angler and he was buzzing his head off..own tied fly, tricky cast.. Dry fly.. Now that's the cream brother 
PS you will notice in the picture that he looks 'unloved' so his nan says ������

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Neglected Trent Trout part 2

For those that were interested in my neglected river Trent trout..
In my previous blog post I mentioned of my upper river Trent trout..
Well for the last week I have popped down to watch it at various times and it came out of its hole from 11.30 until 1 and was proper finned up hungry as hell.. Some arse hole had done me a favour by lobbing a massive bolder in the river and it has changed its feeding lane this year for the better! It made the food Chanel a slightly easier cast from its lay many years before. This trout would sit behind the bolder out the flow and intercept anything food like in its path, it was so hungry from the poor hatches from this river it would mouth on touch most drifting debris and eject it.. Two days ago I saw 1 olive and it did what I wanted to... It rose to it but in such a cautious way I have seen nothing quite like would take bits of surface food and then literally bolt for its hole 20 yards away and then slowly drift back to its feed lanes in around 30 seconds! Well this fish has alomost probably never seen a fly and you can make up your own assumptions of why this fish has become so cautious... For one its doing a good job as I have watched it for years..
Over he the years I have had 10 or so shots at this fish and nearly given up due to it's been so dam hard in spooking ,  the chublets infront and behind are its Alarm bells.. 
But this season I have really took my time to catch this wild horse..
So today I headed down early doors with rod in hand and three flys I had specially tyed for it, a black klink, a hendrie Cdc&purple and my trusted Ltd sedge.. All in a size 16 on a heavy guage hook..
Looking into the pool it was there in full show nymphing and looking up too..
My trip down to position is a nightmare, over a massive wall, down a slope, crossing rat infested sewer pipe and not daring to touch anything in fear of getting a disease !!
All this without spooking this fish.
Well to my amazement I managed for the second time in 5 years with the fish still on full show.. I sat on a washed out root with my back against the bridge and made that sigh of relief ..
Well next I studied it and it was bang on the look for food, I was in a proper shooting distance and this is when my head falls off, if you don't fish you will never get this feeling and will never understand but as your about to cast at any fish you have been stalking its pure adrenaline! 
The cast was upstream and about 20 FT away from me but I had a major problem I could see ..
The fish was taking surface stuff and was bolting for cover  down toward a me like I had watched the week before ..I would have to wait for it to turn and strike to the side ..
I had that soft technical stroft on the tippet! I ripped that stuff off and went for some no frills 4.6lb twang..
The black klink went on, first cast about 10 foot infront of it, it dragged but the trout did not care it dived at it and turned, I struck !! And pulled it out of its mouth!! Fuck that's it I messed up again..Head in hads..
There was one little bit of hope, I had not pricked the fish and 2mins later it was back again ..
On went the hendrie CDC&PURPle.. I had got another shot to my disbelief..
Same cast again it absolutely walloped it again and I stuck in Exactually  the same way and again a pulled the hook clean out of its mouth !!
My nerves were now shot, what the hell was I doing wrong.. The fish was turning and bolting and twice I had stuck at the right time and the hook came flying  out..
I actually felt like Peter Arfield had told me a few weeks back maybe I should never catch this fish! Maybe he was right..
Now sometimes I admit I am very lucky, and for the third time the fish was back on the feed, I had not touched it..
So on went my old school LTD sedge.. To be honest this fish would take anything, but I wanted a change so the fish did not become aware something was wrong .
All against my thoughts this time I altered my cast into the flat water 3 FT away to entice him into a better strike and he came rushing over kyped over the fly and bolted but this time I set the hook with a upward strike.. OMG this fish took my 5# in its first run right out of control under a floating log straight for its bolt hole.. Fuck it I thought i done what I wanted now and gave him full bolocks and it worked but as many will know hammering a horse will send it tail walking which it did in spectacular fashion, this was no posh trout I could tell that how it went, it was angry as hell and fighting for its life, i went in after it as it thrashed against the tree roots with even more strain.. After a few mins of hardcore scrapping I went for it with my net, it was not ready to come but I had had enough of negative thoughts of losing it and stabbed my net at it and lucking it bolted into it!!
The feeling again is something again only a specimen hunter will know.. 
I left the fish in the water for over a minute to revive and then expected to see a battered deprived neglected dirty old battered trout.
How wrong was I!! This was one of the finest horses I ever caught, and without doubt the hardest fish to take on a dry.. Now like I said I could of nailed him on a streamer 5 years ago but I would have forgot that fish a day  after, this one I will never forget.
A scale sample has been taken and this will give a lot of info about this fish, I have sent it to Paul Gaskel.
I will never target this fish again, I will be out again to see if she is back on the feed again..
5 years of soul healing blanking and I managed to hunt this fish down which is one of the most satisfying feeling I ever had..
'Live the dream'

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hard as nails

This picture could be a lovely river setting but it is far from it.. It's 5 minuites from my house and is the upper Trent that is 185 miles long! Here in stoke we have the very upper reaches and it's not a nice place to fish, there is heavy silt, bin bags , trolleys, even the odd bit of bog roll there is alway a funny weird smell when fishing it but one thing is has on this mistreated river is some hardcore fish for sure, no one in the right mind would want to stock here so all the chub perch and trout are truely wild as they come.
What is very interested to me is there is a trout I have had a few shots at over the 5 years I have watched it and it has had my pants down on every occasion bar one where I struck too early when it hammered my klinkhammer ..
This fish is the most nervous and cautious I have ever come across, my main problem being chub that sit above and below it, soon as I get near they bolt and this trout immediately knows something is wrong and ghosts back 20 yards to his safety hole ..
So today I saw it again for the first time this year, and to my amazement it was chasing minnows around the shallows !! 
Call me a twat but I must take him on the dry fly, the hatches are really shit here and hawthorns is probably my only chance.. 
I have decided to make this fish my target and there is one thing I know I will be in for a some serious  scrap as it will bolt for its hole which is a under a trolley !!
It looks around 3lb plus, it has a head of a horse, it back end is slightly skinny but it's looks as rough as a bears arse and reminds me under fed gypsy as hard as fuck.. I bet it's has snapped some casual floats boys clean of the years..
I hope to hold this fish ..