Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Dovedale social

Well what a great nights fishing down at dovedale with some of the lads off the forum, well the fishing was quite poor to be honest but i dont think anyone really cared as we just sat at the nursery pool and had a good natter with lots of pi*ss take, Me and Mick bought the famous Kelly Kettles and made endless brews while Gary bought some home made biscuits which were top draw, Kev bought a hip flask of whisky for us all to share, and Alex bought some Jaffa cakes,
We all sat down at seven and did not start fishing until around nine with just general fishing talk and good crack.
When i got up to fish i felt a bit dizzy and realised i had too many sips of Kevs fine whisky, We all caught fish but this slow stretch has got quite hard as the fish seem to have got clued up and were taking something very small and out of our sizes,
As the light started to fade we fished the fast runs casually and Kev hit a coulple of nice wild fish on the way down, To be fair i dont think anyone was that bothered about the fishing that much, it was just great to be out with a right good set of lads who all love fly fishing, we got back to the car park and said our goodbyes and Kev pasted the whisky around one more time to just give you a nice smile on your face while driving home!!
These nights are what its all about, i love a good social with good company and this is just what tonight was, we will be doing another shortly for the lads who could not come tonight, Trugg will let us know on here.

Nice one Glen

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  1. Kelly Kettles are fab, but shouldn't you be earning some comission Glen (?!) - they've featured in three brilliant sets of blog photos so far ;0)

    All the best from SMB -x-